Gora Kone washing station


Gora Kone washing station


Gora Kone washing station

Gora Kone washing station


  • Gora Kone is an important coffee hub within the upcoming Nensebo region.
  • Gora Kone produces both natural and washed coffees that have Sidamo profiles.
  • The washing station supports the livelihood of 700 to 800 smallholders in the area.

The Gora Kone washing station

If you travel to the south of Ethiopia, you cross the famed Sidama coffee region. Once there, you can either take the road to Yirgacheffe and Guji, or you take the road less traveled to Nensebo, West Arsi. People do not recognize Nensebo as a well-known specialty coffee region. But since the last few years, buyers know that Nensebo offers great coffee potential. We find proof in the 2020 Cup of Excellence Ethiopia where several lots made the international auction. But besides the COE auction coffees, the Gora Kone washing station puts Nensebo on the specialty coffee map as well.

You find the Gora Kone washing station beside the Nensebo river and the village of Werka. It is hard to get there by car because it is a remote spot. But, once there, you are greeted with kindness upon entering the station. Gora Kone sources cherries from 700 to 800 coffee smallholders, but this varies each season. The Nensebo smallholders all own plots no larger than 3-hectares. If you visit a smallholders’ farm, you will find the trees well covered by wanza and acacia trees. Shade growing coffee is a natural practice that many farmers adopt without question.

Processing at the washing station

The Gora Kone washing station processes both washed and natural coffees. At arrival, station workers pulp and ferment the coffees in large water bins for 42 to 46 hours. Then, they refresh the water every 12 hours until the parchment is ready for drying. But before being placed on the drying beds, the workers wash the parchment with water from the Gerenbicho river, an affluent of the Nensebo river. Drying the parchment takes 10 to 12 days. After this, the station workers pack the coffees and lay them to ‘rest’ for a period of 30-days. The naturals dry in the Nensebo sun for 15 to 18 days.

Gora Kone coffees are labeled as Sidamo’s

Nensebo does not belong to the official region of the Sidama region. However, coffee buyers still label the coffees from this new-found coffee Woreda as Sidamo coffees. This is because the flavor profile of Nensebo coffees tastes like classic Sidamo’s.

The flavor profile

We offer both washed and natural coffees. For the washed Gora Kone’s, our cuppers note down clean, bright coffees with bergamot, orange, peach; a sweet classic Sidamo cup. The naturals often yield an intense sweet cup with explosive tastes of passion fruit, pineapple, topped off with hints of wine. Curious to find out what we have on spot or can pre-book for you? Visit MyTrabocca or contact one of our traders.








Washed, Natural


Mixed Heirloom


1900 - 2050 masl.

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