Discover. Develop. Deliver.

In pursuit of great coffee

We have embarked on a journey to discover, develop and deliver great coffees, and we welcome you to join us. On the principle of transparency, we work together with farmers, cooperatives, and exporters to provide high quality, traceable coffees to roasters worldwide.

It’s a joint effort

We believe the continuity of high quality benefits from long-term relationships. Having worked together with some of the farmers and roasters for over 15 years now. We are dedicated to improving the whole supply chain by establishing close relationships between farmers and roasters.

How it all started

Captivated by the new coffee flavors he experienced in Ethiopia, Menno Simons founded Trabocca. With an eye for potential, it wasn’t long before he brought the first Certified Organic Ethiopian Coffee to the market.

It’s surprising to know that when Menno first set foot in Ethiopia he knew nothing about coffee. Whereas today he is known as one of the world’s authorities on Ethiopian specialty coffee, with in depth knowledge of each region. This knowledge has developed through his ongoing adventures exploring the country, searching for new coffee sources.

I wanted to create, to get my boots dirty, to face the challenges and most of all: to add value in Ethiopia.” – Menno Simons