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Delivering traceable certified specialty coffee to your doorstep

Finding and capturing that elusive flavor in specialty coffee, that’s our specialty as a coffee importer. Starting with the cup profile and certifications, we deliver a unique range of quality traceable specialty coffees. Order samples from our unique selection for a taste, and let great coffee find you.

What a coffee importer can do for you

Specialty coffee travels. And, as a coffee importer, we’re here to deliver it safely to the doorstep of your roastery. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we will work together to match you with a grower or find the beans with the cup profile that suits you best. Either from the slopes of Mount Kenya, the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, the heart of rural Guji, or our other coffee origins.

Best coffees are the result of human effort, long-term relationships, honesty, and friendship. And, simply, that is what we get from the people from Trabocca.

Salvador Sans Velasco, owner at Cafes El Magnifico

Why work together with a specialty coffee importer?

A coffee importer closes the gap between coffee roasters and growers. At Trabocca, we efficiently manage entire supply chains and make sure you discover the right coffee, certified or conventional, and receive it on time to the doorstep of your roastery.

How do we achieve this?

By making sure we:

  • Source and work together with reliable suppliers and growers in origin.
  • Handle all logistics for you: from farm to your doorstep.
  • Extensively cup each specialty coffee during its journey through the supply chain.
  • Finance the movement and storage of your coffee.
  • Initiate life-improving projects in origin, together with you.
  • Equip you with the raw and uncut stories of coffee growers.
  • Organize field trips so you can connect directly with coffee suppliers and farmers

Read more about the role of a green coffee importer and get an in-depth understanding of what we do for you.

I am very proud to work with Trabocca and the immense technical support they give to improve and maintain the quality of our Suke Quto coffee.

Tesfaye Bekele, Founder, and Coffee Grower at Suke Quto Farm

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