See all coffees, tailor your needs,
and get first pick.

Our spot list only shows you a fraction of the Ethiopian coffees you can buy and roast. And the rest? It’s all been pre-sold. When the first cherries are picked in Ethiopia, you can secure the exact coffees that you need for next year. We call this pre-booking, and it starts today.

Pre-booking enables you to:

  • see all available Ethiopian coffees that we offer,
  • tailor your exact needs,
  • get first pick.

You can escape the spot-coffee-rat-race and step into the new year with confidence – knowing that the exact coffees you need are on their way.


Learn why MOK Specialty Coffee Roasters pre-book Ethiopian coffee

And MOK is not the only roaster.

Pre-booking ensures we have the best chance to secure the high-quality coffees we are after. By cupping samples as they become available at the start of the season, we have better access to the best coffees on offer each year, rather than relying on what is leftover later in the year when we would be looking to buy spot.

Adam Matheson, Chief Coffee Officer at Campos Coffee

How does pre-booking work?

Pre-booking is an open, explorative, and no-strings-attached conversation. And it starts with a simple email that sums up your needs for next year. Salvatore, Christiaan, and Boaz are here to assist you with all pre-book questions and wishes.

Reach out and start pre-booking today



Salvatore Russo, Business Unit Manager, EMEA:
Email: salvatore.russo [at]
Mob: +31 6 2520 4648
Skype: srussocoffee

Christiaan Daarnhouwer, Coffee Trader:
Email: christiaan.daarnhouwer [at]
Tel: +31 20 753 7886
Mob: +31 6 8288 6734

Wim van Kooten, Senior Coffee Trader:
Email: wim.vankooten [at]
Tel: +31 20 522 2318
Mobile: +31 6 1007 6754

Maria Porto, Coffee Trader:
Email: maria.porto [at]
Tel: +31 20 755 9217
Mobile: +31 6 5091 9570



Sean Capistrant, Business Unit Manager USA:
Email: sean.capistrant [at]
Tel: +1 952 820 2518
Mob: +1 404 660 7366

Fernando Seminario, Senior Trader:
Mob: +1 503 545 7553

Marisa White, Trader:
Mob: +1 612 360 4386