Coffee origins

Coffee origins
define taste

Coffee origins define the taste of your coffee. The soil, elevation, climate, and position within the bean belt all shape the flavors that you reveal in your roast. This journey in pursuit of taste is endless. Because each micro-region brings unique flavors to the table. As a coffee roaster and buyer, you can narrow down your search by using coffee origins as your compass.

The coffee origins we source from

As a coffee importer, we source where we add value. This means that we focus on the coffee origins where we can make a difference for you. Either in terms of sourcing, logistics, or quality control.

And because we have a deep focus on a few coffee origins, we can offer the exact profiles that match your taste.

Discover where we make the difference


Ethiopia is coffee’s birthplace. Home to complex tasting fruity and floral washed coffees, and juicy naturals. After twenty years of building relationships with growers, we call Ethiopia our second home. With an office in Addis Ababa, we can deliver your next best Ethiopian coffee. Promise.


Kenya offers you bright and clear coffees with syrupy blackcurrant profiles. We work together with the best-paid growers in Kenya, the Ndaroini. The Nyeri-based growers call our cooperation the Kenyan coffee revolution. This movement is changing the Kenyan market.


Colombia is the Ethiopia of South America because of its flavor diversity. The Colombian highlands offer full-bodied juicy coffees and sweet gems. It’s all possible in the land of Juan Valdez. We source unique micro-lots and perfectly blended community coffees from Cauca, Valle de Cauca, Nariño, and Huila.


Peru is the world’s largest organic coffee producer. But if you look past certifications and quantity, you discover a unique country of taste. We work alongside exporters and cooperatives, from the north to the south. We deliver balanced coffees for blends or one of a kind micro-lots.


Although Sumatra is part of Indonesia, we consider it unique among coffee origins. There is nothing like a Sumatran coffee. The earthy, spicy, and licorice root profiles introduce a new flavor spectrum. For this reason alone, we focus on sourcing coffees from Aceh and North-Sumatra.


One-third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil. This makes it all the more challenging to find the right (pulped) naturals for you. But through our network of farmers and exporter, we can deliver heavy-bodied naturals from Minas Gerais and washed fruity coffees from Espiritu Santo.

Looking for other coffee origins?

Taste always directs our movements. If you are looking for other coffee origins that we haven’t listed here, please reach out anyway. We are happy to join your search. We can always help you to source coffee, organize logistics, or keep a tight rein on quality control. Let’s get in touch.

Keeping track of coffee origins and seasonality

Want to keep track of coffee seasonality and arrivals? Then download our coffee harvest calendar for free. This simple calendar shows you all the important key-moments in the harvest of compelling coffee origins. From shipping to sample availability.

Download the Coffee Harvest Calendar