Ethiopian specialty coffee


The birthplace of coffee

Your journey in pursuit of great coffee starts here, in Ethiopia. The birthplace and home of all coffee varieties in the world. Legend tells us an Ethiopian goat herder found the ‘magic’ cherries in a forest. Once the goats ate, they started to dance, and the world would never be the same.

Our story begins here

Ethiopia is not only the birthplace of coffee but also of Trabocca. Twenty years ago, our founder fell head over heels for Ethiopian specialty coffee.

And today, twenty-five people join his quest in pursuit of great coffee. Our goal? Delivering Ethiopia’s greatest coffee to your doorstep.

Importing the best Ethiopian specialty coffee

Coffee is a people’s business. You can develop great quality if you work with great people. That is why we have an Ethiopian office where Ethiopians run operations. We also work together with farmers, cooperatives, and exporters to deliver the best Ethiopia has to offer.

A team on a mission

Through a team of traders, logistic experts, and Q graders, we can move Ethiopian specialty coffee efficiently whenever and wherever you need it.

We are one of the leading specialty coffee importers that provide you with high-quality coffee from Ethiopia. But don’t take our word for it.

With their in-depth expertise and on-ground presence especially in Ethiopia, Trabocca have been an invaluable support for our green buying program. Their knowledge and commitment have been exemplary, and as we have grown they have grown with us. Their solid grasp of the values that matter to their customers make them a great partner for any roastery, no matter what origin of coffee you are looking for.

Anette Moldvaer, Co-founder at Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Find Ethiopian specialty coffees

We know where to find Ethiopia’s best coffees because we have a proven network of quality suppliers. Here you find a small grasp of our quality coffees. Click on the colorful tiles and immerse yourself into the story of each coffee.

The Flavor diversity of Ethiopian specialty coffee

The tiles with colors you see are a homage to coffees’ flavors. Each color builds up the profile of a coffee. But you will notice the expressive and layered colors of the Ethiopian tiles that differ from other origins. This is because there is no end to Ethiopia’s flavor diversity.

Coffee varieties in Ethiopia

Each region, woreda, and kebele brings you diverse and complex profiles. From clean floral and high acidity washed coffees to intense winey naturals. Ethiopia’s coffee varieties are one of the prime reasons for Ethiopia’s flavor diversity.

You can find between six and ten thousand coffee varieties in Ethiopia. For this reason, neighboring regions, villages, and even smallholders could grow entirely different varieties and not even know it. The possibilities are endless, and this makes your pursuit of Ethiopian specialty coffee all the more exciting.

Our Ethiopian partners are your partners

Roasting great coffee is a result of a quality supply chain. From smallholders who know when to pick to coffee importers who store coffee in proper conditions. It’s teamwork. And we invite you to partner up with our partners: coffee farmers, exporters, cooperatives who all focus on quality specialty coffee.

One of our long-term partners is Tesfaye Bekele. He is living proof that quality is the way to go.

Trabocca is very serious about quality control and brought us to the level at which we are now – where we are very proud of our product.

Tesfaye Bekele, Ethiopian coffee farmer and founder of the Suke Quto Farm

Understanding the flow of Ethiopian specialty coffee

If you want a full grasp of the Ethiopian supply chain, download our ‘Field Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Sourcing’. It will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire chain. You will understand how coffee flows from the smallholder’s garden to your cup.

Learn more about Ethiopia’s coffee regions

As a coffee roaster, you need all the information on Ethiopia you can get. Besides providing in-depth information on the entire supply chain, we created the ‘Coffee Regions of Ethiopia’ maps. Through these five maps, you’ll have a better understanding of Ethiopia as a coffee country. Simply click on a map, download it for free, and discover.

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