The Guji Zone Map

The Guji Zone Map

When Trabocca’s founder, Menno Simons, entered the rich mountainous slopes of Guji fifteen-years-ago, he had no idea of orientation, nor a sense of the possibilities that Guji’s coffee might offer. It was during this trip that he met Haile Gebre – from Shakisso Farm, with whom we have cultivated the first Organic Ethiopian coffee.

Make coffee better

Since that first meeting amidst the coffee-forests of Guji, we have journeyed back with coffee roasters to give them the same experience we had – when we first engaged with its growers.

Guji’s growers taught us a lot about the Guji people, their coffee practices, and their devotion to make coffee better. It is our responsibility to transfer this knowledge to you.


The Guji zone map

In addition to the ‘Coffee Regions of Ethiopia’ map, we have constructed the ‘Guji zone’ map, which homes in on the locations of the growers we work with. It gives a sense of where the coffees of Guji are grown – showing the exact geo locations of our finest partners. Download the map, trace Guji coffee back to its exact location, and click on the names of the locations to receive more information.

Download the Guji zone map