Ethiopian coffee regions

Ethiopian coffee regions map
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The Ethiopian coffee regions have literary put Ethiopia on the map. Places like Sidamo, Guji, Yirgacheffe speak to the coffee buyer’s imagination and, even better, to his/her sensory memory. But, where are these regions precisely?

Although Ethiopia’s coffee regions carry weight and fame, buyers often can’t find a complete detailed map featuring all the regions in one view. That is until today. We have created the Ethiopian coffee regions map: a bird’s eye view of coffee’s birthplace. Through the map, we demystify the structure of this amazing coffee origin.

Ready to travel to Abyssinia? Download the map here. If you want more context on the structure of the map, please read on.

Ethiopia, land of diversity

With 112.1 million people and 80 different ethnic groups, Ethiopia is a land of diversity. This diversity echoes on into the flavor of its coffee. Rich nutritious soil, geographic variance, and thousands of coffee varieties mold the unique Ethiopian coffee flavor.

You can find the same complexity of taste and diversity of cultures within the Ethiopian coffee region’s structure.

Dissecting the Ethiopian coffee regions structure

In the Ethiopian coffee regions map, you find three highlighted states. Oromia, SNNPR, and Gambella. Within these states, you find zones, like Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Going from the zones, you see woredas. And going one level deeper within the woredas, you find the Kebeles. The smallest areas in Ethiopia often containing several villages.

The structure of the regions is as followed:

  • State
  • Zones
  • Woredas
  • Kebeles

How to read the Ethiopian coffee regions map

The Ethiopian coffee regions map takes you from state to zone, all the way down to woreda-level. At a glance, you can identify the states Oromia, SNNPR, and Gambella. The colors, inspired by Ethiopia’s flavor-diversity, indicate the zones. For instance, deep purple is where Guji coffee grows, and light-purple stipulates the remaining woredas of the zones without coffee production.

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