The Yirgacheffe Zone Map

The Yirgacheffe Zone Map

Yirgacheffe is often seen as a place of coffee pilgrimage in Ethiopia, and no wonder: although it is a relatively small coffee zone, it is home to a range of vibrant and complex tastes. The route to Yirgacheffe, which passes through places like Awassa, Yirga Alem, and Dilla, is well-known to green coffee buyers who seek high-quality coffee in Ethiopia.

Navigate through the Yirgacheffe zone

To help you navigate this region, we have created the Yirgacheffe zone map that shows a number of our favorite washing/drying stations, farms, and co-operatives. Yirgacheffe is divided into six woredas, namely: Wenago, Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Gedeb, Bule,
and Dilla Zuria.

West of Yirgacheffe, you find Gelana and Abaya. These two woreda’s are part of the Borena zone, but coffee cherries harvested in these areas are classified as Yirgacheffe’s. Download the map to get a comprehensive view of the Yirgacheffe zone.

Download the Yirgacheffe zone map