The largest producer

Brazil is the worlds largest coffee producing nation. Covering approximately one third of international production with roughly 55 million bags a year in predominantly natural and pulped natural coffees. As the largest producer, fluctuations in production can influence global pricing. For example, a lower annual yield in Brazil can lead to increased prices in the global coffee market.

The Brazilian flavor profile

Brazil’s natural and pulped natural coffees are often used by specialty coffee roasters to craft a reliable espresso-blend. It’s known for its pulped natural and natural processed coffees due to its scarce rainfall, consistent long dry periods and large amounts of sunshine. Brazilian coffee can be characterized by its sweet big bodied flavor profile, that usually reveals notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.

Natural and pulped natural processes

In the pulped natural process, the beans are sorted according to density. Meanwhile, the ripe beans are simultaneously pulped after the green cherries have been mechanically separated. Drying requires a great deal of care and specialized handling. The result is a rich flavoured, homogenous and clean profile.

Natural processing is an easy and economical way to process coffee. Harvested cherries are directly spread out upon large patio pavements until the moisture content is at a decent level – usually near 11,5%. Cherries are often dried using mechanical dryers. Natural coffees tend to have bigger bodies and unveil fruity notes in the cup.

Vale de Grama, Sul de Minas and Carmo de Minas

We offer specialty coffee from various regions known for their high quality production, such as Vale de Grama, Carmo de Minas and Sul de Minas. Each coffee supply chain we maintain is stable and offers consistent quality yields.

I think Brazil is the most sustainable coffee country in the world – we can produce the same quality and quantity, year after year.

Luiz Paulo - Irmãs Pereira Farm, Brazil

Brazilian coffee pioneers

Legends and specialty coffee pioneers such as Luiz Paulo (Irmãs Pereira), Adolfo Henrique (Fazenda Passeio), and Diogo Machaedo (Fazenda Recreio), are the people behind these amazing and consistent naturals and pulped naturals. Through them, we intend to deliver consistent quality for your espresso-blends.

Brazilian coffees