Sítio Bela Vista


Sítio Bela Vista farm


Sítio Bela Vista farm

The Sítio Bela Vista farm resides in the mountainous area of Patrimônio do Ouro, in the state of Espirito Santo (Brazil). The region is known for its abundance of precious metals and in particular gold. Patrimônio do Ouro can roughly be translated into gold heritage.

At the beginning of the 1900s, the Romão’s were one of the first families in the region to start a coffee farm. They named it Sítio Bela Vista. During the early coffee cultivating years of the Patrimônio do Ouro area, farmers acted on pure intuition. But when coffee became the main source of income, they were triggered to develop their agronomical knowledge and skills.

In 2000, the pursuit of quality coffee took off. Peelers, washers, drying patios, and fermentation bins were installed in the area. The Romão family followed this trend and invested in all necessary equipment. As a result, the family won three regional contests and realized that their coffee had potential.

At the Sítio Bela Vista farm, coffee is selectively picked four to five times a year. This picking tactic ensures that all cherries mature. It keeps the quality levels high at Sítio Bela Vista farm. The family takes all necessary measures to avoid contamination or deterioration of the beans, by using bags with better ventilation for the cherries.

Processing is done within the compound. They separate floaters, pulp, and remove the mucilage. The parchment dries on patios, where temperatures are checked consistently by farm personnel.



Sítio Bela Vista farm
930 - 930 masl.



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