Sitio Bateia


Sitio Bateia


Sitio Bateia

Marcos Antônio Tomazini is the producer behind the exquisite washed lots from Patrimônio do Ouro, a sub-district of Espirito Santo (Brazil). The area is graced with a moderate tropical climate, sufficient rainfall, and heights reaching 1200 m.a.s.l. Patrimônio do Ouro, which can be translated into gold heritage, was known for its abundance of gold and other precious metals. This attracted a lot of merchants that settled in the area around the 1900s.

Among this migration of merchants, was an Italian man, Tomazo Tomazini; the great grandfather of Marcos. Tomazo settled in the area, but not to seek gold. He wanted to be a coffee farmer and build a family legacy through coffee. Tomazo found a steeply sloped piece of land to cultivate his coffee. In these pioneering years, coffee was grown without agronomic guidance. So, Tomazo used his wits and passed on his learnings to his kids. His great-grandchildren, however, revolutionized the quality of the farm.

Sitio Bateia shifted from commercial grade coffee to specialty in 2001. Clesiomar Tomazini, Marcos brother, is an agronomist. He brought new Catuaí seedlings to the farm and introduced new processing techniques. Two samples from their first harvest were among the best coffees of the state. They understood the potential of their coffee. The farm still frequently receives awards for its quality coffees.

Sitio Bateia is one of the farms that belongs to the Espirito Santo Village. A project bent on offering the best specialty coffees of Espirito Santo to roasters worldwide. The coffees of Sitio Bateia are juicy with a sparkling acidity that is compensated by a pleasant full body. You find lemon, berries, caramel, cacao, and herbals in the cup. A coffee that can easily serve as a special, or act as the gamechanger in a blend.



Sitio Bateia
930 - 930 masl.
Marcos Antônio Tomazini



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