Coffee harvest calendar

Coffee harvest calendar:
plan and know what to roast

As a coffee roaster, you need a sense of coffee seasonality. When does a coffee harvest start and end? And maybe even more important: when do you need to take action to scoop off the finest coffees of the harvest? This coffee harvest calendar shows you exactly when harvests are due. And it shares valuable sourcing information too.

How a coffee harvest calendar can help you

The coffee harvest calendar can help you to forecast months. You won’t only discover the harvest months, but the key-moments for green buyers too. During and after a coffee harvest, two vital moments decide the quality of your next coffee: pre-booking and sample availability.

What to expect from pre-booking:
the most important moment within a coffee harvest

Pre-booking gives you the advantage of the first choice. As you pre-book, you communicate trust towards the coffee importer, exporter, and growers. And as a result, the entire supply chain will give your specific coffee request priority.

If you choose to pre-book, coffee samples will head your way as they become available in the country of origin. As you roast and cup a pre-shipment sample, you can decide if this selection fits your menu. And if not, you can request an alternative if your contract, based on SAPSS (Subject to Approval of Pre-Shipment Sample), allows this.

What this coffee harvest calendar show you

The coffee harvest calendar shows a wide array of origins and the periods in which harvests are due. The icons within the timeframes indicate the four harvest key-moments:

  • Coffee harvest: including main crops and fly crops, from month to month.
  • The best moment to pre-book coffee: when you need to start talking to your coffee importer.
  • Shipping forecasts: a general take on shipping departures.
  • Sample availability: when to expect both spot and pre-shipment samples.

We only use these icons for the origins we specialize in for the simple fact that we have ears and eyes on the ground to monitor operations closely. Ready to dive in? Download the coffee harvest calendar here.

Forecast and know what to roast when.
Download the coffee harvest calendar.

Find more tools to source green coffee

As a coffee importer, we want to equip you as a roaster to source better coffee efficiently. Coffee calendars, like ours’ and the one from Counter Culture, are valuable tools. But besides calendars, we have a library full of content that can shape your knowledge of origin, supply chains, and quality. Take a look at our coffee knowledge section and become a better coffee roaster and green buyer.