Despite the popularity of their product, coffee farmers face a number of challenges which Fairtrade is working to address.

  • For various reasons, the global price of coffee is highly volatile. Fairtrade aims to give farmers stability in this unpredictable environment by offering a Fairtrade Minimum Price, which protects them from sudden price drops. If the coffee is also Organic certified, the coffee receives an additional price incentive.
  • Coffee farmers also receive a Fairtrade Premium – an extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price that farmers and workers invest in business or community projects of their choice. A set portion of the Fairtrade Premium goes toward improving production and or quality.
  • By supporting smallholder farmers to organize themselves into small producer organizations – such as cooperatives and associations – farmers can negotiate better terms of trade and reach wider markets

When you choose Fairtrade coffee, farmers can build a better quality of life for their families and communities. Your purchase also supports them to invest in growing better quality and confronting challenges like the effects of climate change.

If you want to sell the end product under the Fairtrade label or mention Fairtrade in your communication, please get in touch with your National Fairtrade Organization to ask for the licensing procedure.

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