Aricha washing station


Aricha washing station



  • Aricha washing station offers complex and floral Yirgacheffe grade-1 coffees. You can either find washed or natural processed coffees.
  • In 2019, just one year after reviving the station, four Aricha coffees made the final selection of The Ethiopian Cup.

The road to the Aricha washing station

As soon as you pass the city of Dilla, you’ll notice the road roughening. A bumpy A8-highway, that feels like a country-side mountain bike trail, takes you to the Aricha mountains. Then a curly rocky road leads you to the gate of Aricha washing station. The famous Naga Singage mountain looms over the station and the Wogida river creates a continuous serene rush of water, only interrupted by singing Gedeo women stirring parchment and coffee cherry.

If you’re looking for floral and complex-tasting Yirgacheffe’s, Aricha is the place. The recently revived washing station collects coffee cherries from Yirgacheffe’s most potent coffee forests. The washing station provides an income for surrounding communities. And coffee roasters find the finest natural and washed grade-1 Yirgacheffe’s on the market. But it wasn’t always like this.

Dormant washing station turns into Yirgacheffe coffee hub

The Aricha station, in the words of the current manager, was a dump. A neglected, abandoned, and the out-of-business station that did not process a single cherry for years on end. Grass covered the entire terrain and the buildings were in decay. The surrounding smallholders had to deliver their cherries to another washing station further up the road. A far from an ideal situation, since transport goes on foot or by mule. But just a few months before the harvest of 2018, the communities met with a new potential station owner. Faysel Yonis, the founder of coffee exporter Testi Coffee.

Faysel shared his plans to make Aricha a hub for quality Yiracheffe coffee. After the traditional coffee ceremony, the elders expressed their enthusiasm and gave their blessing. Faysel’s vision goes beyond coffee and business. Because besides reviving the station, Faysel started to work with the community to build an electricity-network for surrounding villages. Testi Coffee is also coordinating the construction of a school and plans to give families access to clean water.

The coffee communities of Aricha

Today Aricha is a Yirgacheffe coffee-hub. Testi Coffee estimates that one thousand smallholders from different communities come to Aricha to sell their cherries. During collection, the people of Testi Coffee mark the lots per community to ensure traceability. In the hills surrounding the station, you find four coffee communities; Aricha, Gersi, Idido, and Reko Onancho.

All four communities submitted micro-lots for the 2019’ Ethiopian Cup and ranked among the top-scoring coffees within the auction. Each farming family received a portion of the auction premium to improve their livelihoods. When you search for lots from Aricha, be sure to look for the community names as well.

Trabocca and Aricha

Testi Coffee is one of our long-term coffee partners. By working together on a day to day basis, we can deliver great Ethiopian coffee. Bishan Dimo and Mulish are among the Testi stations we source from, but now Aricha joins the ranks. The ‘19 auction lots, several spot and back to back coffees prove that Aricha has great potential to fascinate coffee drinkers around the world.








Kurume, Mixed Heirloom


1950 - 2150 masl.


Faysel A. Yonis


of supply-chain

  1. 1. Aricha smallholders

    Smallholders from the Aricha, Gersi, Idido, and Reko Onancho communities deliver cherries to the station.
  2. 2. Aricha washing station

    At Aricha washing station, local employees process the coffees, either washed or naturals.
  3. 3. Drymill

    The coffee is milled in Addis Ababa by Testi coffee.
  4. 4. Testi Coffee PLC

    They also specialize in exporting Ethiopian coffee, and we’ve enjoyed working together for nearly a decade.
  5. 5. Shipping line

    As Trabocca, we work directly (as opposed to via third parties) with ocean lines, transport providers, and warehouses to negotiate fair prices and timely service.
  6. 6. Warehouses

    Trabocca has long-standing, proven relationships with over 15 warehouses globally. Aricha coffee can be found at both USA and EU based warehouses.
  7. 7. Trabocca

    Besides selecting the finest Aricha lots and providing logistical services, we check the quality of this coffee extensively. Type, stock, pre-shipment, and spot samples are all cupped by our Q Graders in Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, and Minneapolis.
  8. 8. You

    And finally, the Aricha coffee arrives at your roasting facilities doorstep.


of Aricha washing station


Aricha, then called Adorsi, is established


Testi Coffee takes over the Aricha washing station.


Coffees from Aricha make the Ethiopian Cup and rank among the top lots.

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