Coffee Regions
of Ethiopia

The rich soil, its geographic diversity, and genotypic variety make Ethiopia unrivalled as a coffee origin. The samples we receive from our partners throughout the year never cease to amaze us.

We are often perplexed about Ethiopia’s complex mapping structure, however. Where do coffee regions begin, end, and which woredas (districts) can be found within these? The search for accurate information can be overwhelming and confusing. You simply want to know where your coffees originate from.

Coffee Regions of Ethiopia

To make the traceability of coffee more tangible, we have mapped out the coffee regions of Ethiopia, so that you can clearly pinpoint where your coffee is grown.

The ‘Coffee Regions of Ethiopia’ map displays the states of Oromia, SNNPR, and Gambella – where practically all Ethiopian cherries are harvested. From there on, you will find the politically defined zones, woredas, and the coffee growing regions of Ethiopia – that often overlap politically defined borders.

Download the map, and (re-)discover
coffees birthplace

This is merely the first edition of the ‘Coffee Regions of Ethiopia’ map, and we are convinced that many will follow. Ethiopia’s coffee market and culture evolve daily, so it is likely that additional areas and regions will be revealed and added in the second edition.