The Village project

What is the Village Project?

The Village Project aims to source and deliver exclusive specialty coffees from specific producing areas in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. These exclusive lots are sourced from the region’s top-performing growers and local communities, and highlight the unique tastes of each area. But rather than offering low-volume micro-lots, The Village Project is a catalyst for making quality specialty coffees available in high volumes.

The Village Project:
finding the sweet spot of cup quality, volume, and price

The Village Project connects you with the farming villages and communities of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. But not just for a one-time buy. We pre-select clusters of villages that can consistently deliver great coffee seasons on end, in large volumes, and for reasonable prices. This is the sweet spot of specialty coffee, for you and the coffee-growing communities. But it’s not only the sweet spot.

Community coffees are the future of specialty

We believe village coffees are the future of specialty coffee because these lots enable farmers, exporters, importers, and roasters to scale great coffee, instead of making a smaller impact with micro-lots and one-time purchases. As Trabocca, we have adopted this same method in Ethiopia for the past fifteen years and created numerous successful supply chains. The Village Project does the same in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.

What does The Village Project bring you?

  • Direct long-term relationships with entire communities: We let you find your village. A direct long-term relationship starts with a community that can offer you great coffee, seasons on end.
  • Reasonable priced and great accessible specialty coffee: The Village Project features streamlined and efficient supply chains that keep prices profitable along the entire chain and bring you flavor profiles that satisfy a broad audience.
  • Consistent quality and efficient delivery every season: The quality you receive remains consistent. If one village can’t deliver the quality you seek in a given season, you can switch to a different village within the project. The same processing and logistics make delivery swift and cost-efficient.
  • Volumes that encourage season-long availability: The volumes and availability of each lot enable you to roast and serve coffees throughout the season.


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