Always prioritising quality

Consistent quality control is key

Coffee is a natural product. The beauty of this is that each batch will have its unique cup profile, season after season. But as nature changes cup profiles and quality levels, the consistency of your coffee is at risk. And that is where our Q Graders come in.

Your Quality gatekeepers from afar

Our Q Graders act as your quality gatekeepers from afar. They are committed to making sure that each coffee is up to your standards. Our Q Graders check your coffee at each stage of the journey and keep a tight grip on the quality, from the farm to your warehouse. You’ll know precisely what you’ll get.


Quality teams around the globe

Our Q Grader led quality panels in Ethiopia, the United States, and the Netherlands cup inbound and outbound samples. They measure the cup score and discuss the profile with our traders, check the moisture, green grade, and screen size. They analyze each coffee extensively, so you know the coffee inside out. No surprises because their analysis is sound.

Food safety

Besides assessing each coffee on a sensory level, our Q Graders specialize in food safety. They assess new and existing suppliers to ensure that you get a safe product. All suppliers, from exporters to farmers, undergo a strict vendor approval procedure before they can work with us. In addition to the procedure, our Quality Department reduces food safety risks through HACCP studies.

Discover how our Q Graders assess your coffee

Learn more about quality control

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