Food safety

Food safety & coffee hazards:
Learn everything about green & roasted hazards and risks

Food safety is a tough, complex, and often uncharted topic within the coffee industry. But when it comes to the health of people who consume a cup of coffee, it should be prioritized in every coffee company: from the supplier in origin to the coffee roaster.

Within the Coffee Hazards & Risks Guide, we bridge the knowledge gap on food safety by covering the essentials. The guide covers the entire spectrum of food safety within coffee. All the way from the hazards coffee is subjected to and the regulations that minimize the risks.

If you are responsible for the safety of coffee within your company, this is the place to kick off your journey into this interesting topic.

What can you find in the Coffee Hazards & Risks Guide?

This Coffee Hazards and Risks Guide brings you up to speed and explains every nook and crack of the possible hazards and risks in green (and roasted) specialty coffee. You will discover what we do as a green coffee importer to minimize risks and how we comply with food safety regulations. And as you travel through the entire supply chain you will learn about every hazard in its context, all the way to your roasting plant. The guide explains which risks you, as a coffee roaster, are responsible for minimizing as much as possible.

A wealth of resources

The guide covers the essentials but offers more. You can find two pages full of helpful links and resources to continue further research. From regulations in Europe to the United States to global coffee standards.

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