Fazenda Casa Nova


Fazenda Casa Nova


Fazenda Casa Nova

Fazenda Casa Nova


  • Paulo Frederico, founder of Fazenda Casa Nova, started to cultivate specialty coffee in 1994.
  • Fazenda Casa Nova finds itself in a mountainous region with good fertility.
  • Paulo fertilises the land with organic compost.

The Fazenda Casa Nova story

Casa Nova Farm began its history in 1989, when the current owner, Mr. Paulo Frederico acquired it. Mr. Paulo is a civil engineer and has exercised his profession for 20 years, leaving the profession aside from the moment he acquired his lands. According to him, the choice was made because it sought a calmer life and closer to the countryside.

In 1989, only some areas of the property had coffee planted, and since Mr. Paulo was always a coffee connoisseur, he decided to extend and propagate the planting on the farm. At Casa Nova Farm, currently, Mr. Paulo and his wife work, and the relationship with the special coffee only started in 1994. According to Mr. Paulo, he saw in the specialty coffee the opportunity to further enhance his product, which together with the family, takes care with a lot of love and affection.

Since then, with the dedication to specialty coffees, Casa Nova Farm has received improvements in several aspects. The implementation of the wet processing method, the improvement in the yards, the construction of suspended beds, and the purchase of a machine for processing coffee are some examples of this.

Processing at Fazenda Casa Nova

When asked about coffee processing, Mr. Paulo proudly exemplifies each step he performs. After the beans leave the washer, they go to the yard and are stirred about 6 times a day, remaining there for 7 days. After that, the beans go to the dryer until they reach 20% humidity. Then, the coffee is taken to rest and then returned to the dryer to reach satisfactory humidity levels.

Today, Mr. Paulo says that he is very proud to work with coffee and that he never regrets having transformed and dedicated all these years to specialty coffee, because it is through him that his life has changed and that he hopes that the lives of those who drink your product change too.






Catuai, Catucai, Bourbon


800 - 1050 masl.


Paulo Frederico

Soil Type

Clay-sandy soil