Meet The Producer

05 April 2024 - Amsterdam, Kerkstraat 96 - 3 pm

As part of our mission to discover, develop and deliver we are proud to bringing back the Meet The Producer experience. In an intimate setting you will have the chance to meet three producers from three origins. All of them representing Trabocca’s commitment to high quality, consistency, individuality and professionalism. With the Amsterdam Coffee Festival taking place the same weekend, we are expecting to reunite with you! Meet Adolfo (Fazenda Passeio), Tesfaye (Suke Quto) and Rafael (Valle Verde) this April in Amsterdam. A manifest to Trabocca’s mission: establishing direct relationships in order to create more awareness and appreciation for the long way coffee travels from the seed to your cup.

  • Great opportunity to meet the farmers in person and ask them your personal questions.
  • Understand the unique characteristics of each origin’s terroir, climate conditions and harvest- and process practices.
  • Explore current challenges and opportunities in the coffee industry.
  • Participate in a guided cupping session led by the producers and our traders.
  • Enjoy an afterparty featuring drinks, food, music and great company.
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Fazenda Passeio

Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira

Dusty roads curl through sugar cane fields and past small cane factories until you reach higher grounds: the entrance of Fazenda Passeio. In the south of Minas Gerais, Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira, a fourth-generation farmer known throughout the region as one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Brazil. Adolfo heads the 130-hectare Fazenda where coffee is always handpicked due to steep slopes where no harvesting machine can maneuver. Handpicking in Brazil is rare. Although it is time-consuming, Adolfo does not mind hiring hands during harvest as this will help the quality of his production.

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Suke Quto

Tesfaye Bekele

Tesfaye Bekele is one of the people that put Guji specialty coffee on the map. While the Guji zone was dominated by cattle farmers, he sought new ways to make coffee popular in Guji. “I don’t consider myself to be a coffee farmer, because coffee is everything to me. All my time and energy are placed into the beans that I harvest and process.” Tesfaye Bekele, the founder of Suke Quto Farm, explains.

“I come from a coffee-producing family, so during my childhood, I started to work with coffee early on”, Tesfaye continues, “At first, coffee did not have my interest. The labor was hard, and the days were long. But after several years of study and other work I returned to my home in the Shakisso woreda, Guji. I found myself in coffee again”.

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Valle Verde

Rafael Zevallos Majino

Rafael is the General Manager of the Valle Verde Cooperative. Found in 2016 with the aim of producing sustainable coffee that respects the environment and the people the Cooperative has now 483 active producers and 1,055 hectares of coffee planted, producing 50-55 coffee containers yearly.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Valle Verde’s initiatives lies in its focus on youth and women’s development projects. The cooperative prioritizes gender equality, with 35% of its farmers being women, and has a women’s committee that provides training and support to female farmers. These efforts encompass enhancing farm management and dietary improvements for the younger generation. It provides training and support to young farmers by establishing model farms in each district, exemplifying effective food production practices.

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