Valle Verde Cooperative


Valle Verde Cooperative

Valle Verde Cooperative


  • Valle Verde thrives in Rodríguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, with 483 active producers, producing 50-55 coffee containers yearly.
  • Its members cultivate mainly Catimor and Caturra varietals, and the cooperative has 1,055 hectares of coffee planted.
  • The cooperative prioritizes youth and women's development through improved farm management and diets, establishing model farms for effective food production practices.

Located in the picturesque surroundings of Rodríguez de Mendoza in the Amazonas region of Peru, the Valle Verde Cooperative thrives. The cooperative was founded in 2016 with the aim of producing sustainable coffee that respects the environment and the people. Valle Verde Cooperative has 483 active producers and 1,055 hectares of coffee planted, producing 50-55 coffee containers yearly.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Valle Verde’s initiatives lies in its focus on youth and women’s development projects. The cooperative prioritizes gender equality, with 35% of its farmers being women, and has a women’s committee that provides training and support to female farmers. These efforts encompass enhancing farm management and dietary improvements for the younger generation. It provides training and support to young farmers by establishing model farms in each district, exemplifying effective food production practices.

The coffee is grown at altitudes of 1,520 to 1,820 meters above sea level, and while the harvest season is all year long, this peaks from April to October.

Origin Visit in 2022

The Trabocca team visited the cooperative in October 2022 and was greeted warmly with a dance performance by local children. The team observed firsthand the cooperative’s commitment to transparency. Each bag of coffee bears the producer’s name, and quality assessments are conducted meticulously. Any issues are promptly addressed to maintain their high standards.

Valle Verde primarily cultivates Catimor and Caturra varietals, covering an expansive area that also features pineapple, bananas, and guava. This diversified cultivation approach enriches the soil with nitrogen and potassium, thereby benefiting coffee growth. Situated at altitudes of 1,520 to 1,820 meters above sea level, the cooperative elevates Amazonas’ coffee sector with certifications like FTO (Fair Trade Organic), emphasizing sustainability. The cooperative’s commitment to reforestation involves planting native trees, fostering an environment conducive to high-quality coffee production.

Improving Community and Quality

Noteworthy is Valle Verde’s collaboration with the MOCCA project (Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas), a partnership with non-profit organization Technoserve. This joint effort focuses on improving quality through technology and financial progress, further enhancing the cooperative’s impact.

In conclusion, Valle Verde’s dedication to the region’s well-being through quality-centric practices is evident. By emphasizing both coffee and local produce, the community aspires to uplift living standards. With a peak in productivity on the horizon, Valle Verde is driven by a passion for positive change.










Caturra, Catimor


1520 - 1820 masl.