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Fostering sustainable relationships

The Coffee Expo presents a fantastic opportunity to convene and cultivate relationships within the industry. At the heart of our mission is the aim to unite producers and roasters, fostering collaboration and innovation. Be sure to visit us at Roaster’s Village #25 as we will be showcasing coffees from our producing partners around the world and will be hosting visitors for meet-and-greets. More detail will be shared on our social media channels soon.

Contact Information

Sean Capistrant, USA Trade Manager

Fernando Seminario, Senior Trader

Marisa White, Trader

Greg Graves, Logistics & Operations Manager

Charlie Blasky, US Quality Lead

All coffees we presented at Chicago Expo

Private: Suke Quto, Ethiopia

Suke Quto coffees are the flagship of the Guji coffee flavor, Tesfaye Bekele, the founder of Suke Quto Farm, is one of the pioneers of Guji coffee, Suke Quto coffees are Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

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Private: Gora Kone, Ethiopia

Gora Kone Washing Station

Gora Kone is an important coffee hub within the upcoming Nensebo region, Gora Kone produces both natural and washed coffees that have Sidamo profiles, the washing station supports the livelihood of 700 to 800 smallholders in the area.

MyTrabocca: PBO230496-01 Natural PBO230489-01 Washed

Private: Cencoic Cooperative, Colombia

Cenoic Cooperative

Cencoic has 19 groups and a total of 2757 smallholder families, coffee is considered to be one of the tools for peace in Cauca. And the Cencoic Cooperative is one of the groups that has understood the ‘peace-movement’ of coffee.

MyTrabocca: PBO230427-01

Private: Fazenda Das Almas, Brazil

Fazenda Das Almas is owned and managed by the Muniz family in Cabo Verde. Considered a pioneer, Adriano’s father started the coffee production in 1965 and taught him everything. Once Adriano took over the business, he noticed the need to get more updated – the market was changing and the farm would have to follow the trends by improving the structures, the processes and, as a result, the coffee quality.


MyTrabocca: PBO230448-01

Private: Donas do Café, Brazil

Donas do Café is an initiative aiming knowledge exchanging that can assist the work of women producers, praising their efforts in coffee farming. SMC, the cooperative exporter organizing and exporting these coffees, blends crops from 4 farms – all led by women – into one lot, that represents women leadership in coffee.


MyTrabocca: PBO230445-01

Private: Naga Singage, Ethiopia

This delightful coffee takes its name from the Naga Singage Mountain that sits near the Gersi kebele (neighborhood). An important landmark for the Gedeo community, this mountain is a traditional place of reconciliation and healing. Smallholders here live and work at altitudes between 1950 and 2150 m.a.s.l. Like Gersi, Naga Singage too is an excellent choice for higher-end premium lots, both washed and natural.

MyTrabocca: PBO230488-01

Private: Cenfrocafe, Peru

Cenfro Cooperative

The organic and sustainable practices at Cenfrocafe co-operative are a key part of the success of the co-op and its growers. Established in 1999 with 11 Associations and 2200 grower members, Cenfrocafe is a co-operative with 2400 members. The average farm size of a member is 4-10 hectares and the area has only been developed in the last 30 years.

MyTrabocca: PBO230381-01

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