Washed Limu

The washed Limu
flavor profile

In the west of Ethiopia, and often placed in the shadows of popular Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, lies Limu. A coffee zone built on a strong culture and structure of large coops and unions. It is here that you can find an entirely different and exciting Ethiopian coffee. A clean delicate, and more subtle cup, but with the same profound flavor-base you expect from any Ethiopian coffee.

Here’s what we found after cupping and registering washed Limu coffees for three seasons.


The most recurring flavor traits in washed Limu’s revolve around chocolate, floral notes, and berry-like notes. As often in Ethiopian washed coffees, when we look into specifics, citric notes and more outspokenly lemon and orange appear. Here and there we also recognize some stonefruit, often towards peachy notes.


Acidity is high to medium, usually on the high-pitched side, and often described as intense, sometimes as sweet. In very delicate washed Limu’s the acidity can be intense and sweet, usually identified as citric or lemon-like.


Mouthfeel appears as one of the main appealing characteristics of fine Limu’s: thin to medium smooth-bodied. When more outspoken they tend to be juicy, and when thinner-bodied they’re often described as tea-like.

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