Limu (Jimma) Zone

(Jimma) Zone

The Limu zone is in fact not an official zone in Ethiopia. The politically defined zone is named Jimma. Limu, on the other hand, is a typical coffee flavor found in Jimma and its neighboring zone, Illubabor. The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) divided the Limu flavored coffees into two categories, namely: A and B.

Limu woredas

Category A represents coffee from woredas in Jimma: Gera, Goma, Gumay, Kersa, Limu Kossa, Limu Seka, Mena, Seka Chekorsa, and Shebe Sambo. Category B represents the woreda’s in Illubabor, wherein Limu flavored coffee is cultivated: Ale, Bedelle, Chora, Dedesa, Noppa, and Yayu.

Characteristics and use

Coffees from Limu yield a smooth, clean, resonating cup with a subtle citric acidity. The, relatively, moderate scoring Limu’s can be a decisive blend component, and the high scoring lots can easily be roasted and served as a single.

Coffee flow

As Trabocca, we work together with several partners that take the lead in Limu when it comes to quality coffee. For instance, the Burka Gudina Farm, Gera Farm, and Biftu Gudina Co-operative. Our ties with Limu even go beyond partnerships because our Ethiopian General Manager, Abiyu Melaku Addis, was born and raised in Limu Genet – giving us insight into the culture and practices.

The Limu Zone Map

The Limu zone map clarifies which woredas in Jimma produce Limu coffees and it gives an indication of where our choice suppliers are situated. Download the map and learn more about the Limu zone.

Coffees from Limu