Fairtrade USA

Fairtrade USA Certified Coffee

Fairtrade USA (FTUSA) seeks to help small scale farmers around the world. The certification focuses on contributing to a healthier planet as well. Their social, environmental and economic standards work to promote safety, healthy working conditions, protecting the environment, enabling transparency and empowering communities to build strong thriving businesses. Unlike Fairtrade FLO, Fairtrade USA certifies both co-operatives as well as larger privately owned farms.

Fairtrade USA prohibits child labour, ensures health and safety measures are established in order to avoid work-related injuries and follows International Labor Conventions (ILO). Workers are guaranteed access to healthcare and community development premiums can be used to provide greater access to healthcare and education.

For Fairtrade USA Certified products, most toxic chemicals are not allowed, neither are GMOs. They have developed a strategic approach to integrated pest management, the safe use and handling of agrochemicals, responsible waste management, protection of soil and water and biodiversity, and reduction of energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

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