Sidamo region

Sidamo region

Sidamo region is the largest coffee region in Ethiopia. This is because the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) uses a broad definition for Sidamo coffees. The ECX goes beyond the politically defined border of Sidama and encompasses regions from Nensebo woreda in the west to the Konta woreda in the east. All these regions grow Sidamo coffee.

How the Sidamo region is structured

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange divides the Sidamo region into five geographical areas: from Sidamo A to E. These letters do not represent quality grades, but they do give a geographical indication.

The Sidamo region map

The Sidamo map shows you a bird eye view of Sidamo. The map shows all the coffee growing regions. But you also find the locations of our grower partners. Download the map and discover the Sidamo.

The Sidamo people

The politically defined Sidama region hosts a population of around 3.5 million people who speak the Cushitic language Sidamigna. Like other ethnic groups in Ethiopia, the Sidamo people follow their own traditions, culture, and celebrate their own New Year called “Fiche Chembelala”.

The Sidamo flavor profile

Coffee growers in the Sidamo grow multitudes of unique varietals in their coffee gardens. And they aren’t even aware of the exact varieties. That is why you often see Sidamo varieties labeled as mixed heirloom: a cocktail of varieties still unknown.

Because of the Sidamo flavor diversity, we can’t define one single flavor profile. But during cuppings, we often taste citric, floral, and chocolate notes. Let’s agree that the strength of Sidamo coffees lies in the diversity of taste.

How we source coffees from the Sidamo region

As a coffee importer focusing on Ethiopia, we create strong connections with washing stations and exporters in Sidamo. For over a decade, we know where to find the top specialty coffees from Sidamo. The tiles underneath showcase a selection of our Sidamo region supply chains.