Ethiopian coffee harvest

coffee harvest

Great coffee is coming our way

We just finished several great long field trips during the Ethiopian coffee harvest, and we can say that the upcoming year will be very interesting for all of us. We’ve experienced many great moments, that remind us of how things were in 2008 before the ECX came to be. We shared these moments again with many of our core suppliers, the energy was flowing.

Pure coffees from
unique microclimates

We are very excited about the new opportunities and we have set serious goals with all our local partners. This year, we had specific goals and missions, especially in Gedeo (Yirgacheffe), Guji, Masha, Limu and Lekempte. Goals that will show you the uncut versions of pure coffees from unique microclimates. Coffees that made Ethiopia famous.

Quality pays

2018 will be the year where we will push our Operation Cherry Red (OCR) program even further. We have made many arrangements and farmers are excited. Our initial message: ‘Quality Pays’ still stands, and inspires growers to comply to the intensive, but necessary, OCR-program. We have committed ourselves for ten years now, and have realized many processing improvements. We’re eager to share these with you.

The crop in the south is expected to be smaller, which usually is good for the quality. The first farmgate cuppings, these samples come straight from the drying beds, were very promising. We expect to be able to offer you coffee-lots from different varietals, altitudes, farmer groups and specific mountain sites. I would say, stay tuned in 2018, because great coffee is coming our way.

Menno Simons – Founder of Trabocca