Washed Guji

The washed Guji
flavor profile

The flavor profile of a washed Guji coffee? Like its natural counterpart, it’s heavily infused with tastes of citrus fruits. Within the flavor poster of a washed Guji, we tell you what you can expect in the cup: both in flavor, acidity, and mouthfeel.

This flavor poster is a reference point for you as a roaster and buyer. Whenever you consider roasting and serving a washed Guji, you can grab the flavor poster and use it as your control to kick off your sourcing journey. Discover the profile, download the flavor poster here.


Describing the flavor, acidity,
and mouthfeel of a washed Guji

The flavor

Citrus fruits are a recurring theme in Ethiopian coffee profiles. And within the washed Guji’s we often detect these flavors in one form or another: from distant hints of citrus fruit in the aftertaste to very concentrated – almost monolithic – dried bergamot embalming the cupping lab.

Good washed Guji’s stand out for their cleanliness and the brightness of their notes. And along with that, the generic profile shows floral vibes, both simple and vague yet sometimes outspokenly jasmine-like. This can pair up with the sweetness of stone fruit, usually recognized as peachy and occasionally associated with black tea. This explains why we often end up on the outermost ring of the flavor wheel with these coffees, as one is very likely to recognize specific flavor characteristics. In turn, this allows the cupper to deconstruct flavor groups, get confused, and end up with a masterpiece of a cupping sheet.

The acidity

Acidity tends to be high to medium in Washed Guji’s. Usually more than a medium acidity at least. It’s bright, just as the profile. And it tends to highlight the flavor notes as well as underlining sweetness.

And the mouthfeel

Thin-to-medium mouthfeel. Rather smooth and pleasant, sometimes silky, sometimes with a bit more texture or perceived depth. A generic characterization would render something along the lines of thin, tea-like, and sometimes juicy. 10% were a bit, dry which is sometimes paired with light astringency or simply overpowering herbals.

Explore the profile, download the flavor poster