Flavor profile of a natural Yirgacheffe - Trabocca

The natural Yirgacheffe flavor profile

Natural Yirgacheffe coffees deliver a palate of diversity. The flavors of the natural lean towards chocolate, citrus, and berry. The acidity is high to medium and the mouthfeel is elegant and smooth. Read the entire descriptor of the natural Yirgacheffe and download the flavor poster.


Natural Yirgacheffes show considerable diversity in terms of core notes and specific notes, even compared to other Ethiopian regions. We noted that core notes tend to revolve around chocolate, citrus, and berry. However, they also lean towards fruit on specific notes. Statistically, what stands out is that we describe these coffees as “winey”.


The acidity is key here, and it is high to medium. Typically, we find it to be “sweet”, “vibrant” or “bright” with sometimes a combination of a few. However, we found citrus-fruit-like acidity to be dominant. We found that 82% of the coffees that we cupped had at least one descriptor related to “citric” acidity. This brings brightness to the cup.


It’s almost a 50/50 case of thin-to-medium mouthfeel. Natural Yirgacheffes have an elegant mouthfeel, on the tongue we find them “smooth”. Which means that these coffees are not overly thin. The palate is somewhat discrete compared to other regional naturals, yet the descriptors reveal that we find it to be subtle using terms such as “silky” or “juicy”

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