New Peruvian partner:

Menno Simons has a knack for attracting people with talent and potential. Talents with whom he has built a thriving operation spread over three offices in three continents. As Trabocca, we are proud of our people, we recognize their potential, and respect and accept the fact that they develop their own vision on coffee.

Cultivar: unleashing
Peru’s coffee potential

And therefore, it is with pride that we announce the partnership between former colleagues Theadros Mellink and Lisanne Oonk. They launched “Cultivar”, a green coffee company based in Peru.

The venture builds on a quality project that Lisanne started two years ago in the central region of the country. Both Cultivar and Trabocca have the ambition to unleash Peru’s coffee potential and develop it into one of the prime specialty origins.

Focus on ambitious small-scale producer families

The main driver of Cultivar’s work is to accelerate the potential of ambitious small-scale producer families and support them in building profitable farm businesses.

They prepare these families for specialty coffee production, link them up with roasters and create a space in which both parties can closely collaborate on quality improvements.

From this season onwards, Trabocca will partner up with Lisanne and Theadros. We will use our network, logistics and sales team to provide outstanding coffees to coffee roasters worldwide while making producing families in Peru thrive!

Are you interested in building partnerships with small scale producers in Peru – which will be comparable with Trabocca’s work in Ethiopia – and contribute to developing a new specialty coffee origin? Contact Cultivar.