Cajamarca is a department in the North of Peru. The area, former home to the Inca’s, is completely engulfed by the mighty Andean range. These heights offer splendid ‘breeding’ grounds for coffee trees. The ‘Cajamarca cup’ speaks for itself. We often find deep sweet profiles with thick bodies and flavors of caramel and cacao.

Cajamarca coffee flavors

Cajamarca is one of Peru’s top exporters of coffee and specifically certified coffee. Buyers are aware of this. They flock to Cajamarca, and neighboring Amazonas, in search for 80 to 84+ scoring (certified) coffees. The solid base for coffee blends.

Large quantities can overshadow the flavor diversity in Cajamarca, however. The region is beautifully diverse. Besides the more traditional flavors of caramel and cacao, you can find berries, apple, and prunes. The result of Cajamarca’s unique micro-climates.

The Cajamarca smallholders

Cajamarca’s coffee industry, like the rest of Peru, is dependent on numerous smallholders. That is why you find many farms between 2 and 3 hectares of land. Large estates are rare. On the farm, you find small pulpers and several home-built parabolic dryers. In some cases, farmers dry parchment alongside the road.

High-yield varieties like Catimor, Catuai, and Mundo Novo are popular among growers. Besides these sturdier varieties, you will find others like Bourbon, Typica (which locals call ‘National’), and Caturra.

CENFRO Cooperative

The CENFRO cooperative is one of our long-term partners in Peru. CENFRO is one of the Cajamarca-based coops with a tremendous impact on the lives of locals. Premiums stimulate the 2400+ members to deliver quality coffees.

Another remarkable feat is the organic compost that CENFRO distributes among its members; bird guano. The bird guano is mined from an island of the coast. The fertilizer adds micronutrients to the ground and makes the coffee trees healthier.

Cultivar Peru

Cultivar is our new partner in Peru. Instead of focusing on the large quantities, they search for specific unique Peruvian coffees. The company is headed by Theadros Mellink and Lisanne Oonk; both former team members of Trabocca.

Cultivars drive is to empower smallholder families throughout Peru. They aim to support them in building profitable coffee farms. Cultivar broadens our Peruvian offers. Moreover, they give you a new range of unique Peruvian coffee profiles.

Coffees from Cajamarca