Your coffee importer in north america

Your coffee importer
in North America

As a coffee importer in North America, we are part of your buying team dedicated to find and deliver the right coffees that fit your menu. We live for the moment when your freshly, and timely, delivered beans hit the roasting machine’s drum and hidden flavors un-pop.

What You Can Expect From A Coffee Importer Like Trabocca

We discover the coffees that you defined by flavor, price, and volume. Then we develop the coffee with our partners in origin to keep the quality on point. And once the coffee passes our quality control, we deliver the beans safely to your roasting facility. The place where you work your magic.

Besides having offices in Amsterdam and Addis Ababa, we serve industry-leading coffee roasters from our office in Minneapolis, and we welcome you to start a conversation.

Trabocca has been a consistent and reliable link to supply us with some really amazing and ethically sourced coffees from Ethiopia and the department of Cauca in Colombia. I had the honor and privilege of coming into the ‘Best of Cauca’ auction program early and have been buying from the same producers for a few years now. I couldn’t be more happy with the coffee and the relationships with the farmers there.

Joel Pollock, co-founder of Panther Coffee

Sourcing From The Most Promising Coffee Regions In The World: With Your Needs In Mind

Beautiful coffees often grow in the most inaccessible places. As a coffee importer, we focus on these rural parts in the world. We specialize in Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, Sumatra, Colombia, and Brazil. And with an office in Addis Ababa, managed by locals, we can closely oversee operations in Ethiopia.

But our sourcing specialists also have an ear to the ground in other key-origins, like Kenya and Peru. Before each harvest season, we ask for your needs and set out to find the exact coffees that match these. An endless journey of taste directed by you. 

Timely And Accurate Logistics: Because You Need To Roast On Time

Timing is everything. You want your coffee to arrive when it suits you best. Our Logistics team makes sure this happens. They find the right route for your coffee because this can vary daily. The timely delivery of your coffee is their highest priority, either if you need it a.s.a.p. or stored in a warehouse near you.

In the United States, we work with The Annex Warehouse and Continental Terminals. But besides these two, we store coffees in five other warehouses across the country. As your coffee importer in North America, we make sure your coffee is stored in the safest spots because our Logistics team assesses each warehouse.

Thorough And Consistent Quality Control: So You Know The Quality Is On Point

Coffee crosses oceans and land before delivery. A lot can happen to the quality during the long and winding road to your roasting facility. However, our Q graders got you covered. At our companies-core, you find the Quality department, the gatekeepers of coffee quality.

Within our Minneapolis quality lab, we form a daily cupping panel that homes in on each coffee. Form type, stock, pre-shipment, and spot samples. We track every step, so you know the quality is on point. Our Quality team specializes in food safety protocols, and they can assist where needed.

Tailored Advice: Because You Have A Unique Perspective On Coffee

We believe you have a unique perspective on coffee. Our traders align with your perspective. They are your companions in finding the coffees that match your taste and menu. Besides cupping your coffees extensively together with the Quality department, they know what’s happening in origin.

Our traders work closely with exporters, cooperatives, and growers, and make you part of the conversation, always considering the purpose you have with the coffee. Also, they deliver the uncut stories of growers in origin, so you can share an honest story while you serve your coffee.

Meet Our Team In The United States

People make the difference in coffee. That is why our team is a collection of knowledgeable, passionate, and skillful coffee-people ready to serve you. Meet your companions.

Greg Graves, Logistics Supervisor

Greg is the reason your coffee arrives on time. Within a short period, Greg transformed Trabocca’s logistics in the United States into a well-oiled machine. He carefully plans the route for each batch. Your coffee will arrive on-time.

Sean Capistrant, Senior Trader

Sean is coffee. He is always aware of what’s going on within the market, either in origin or at your side. Sean specializes in many of our key-origins but has a knack for Ethiopian coffees. When traveling, he takes his Aeropress and a few leftover coffee samples with him to make you feel at home.

Marisa White, Logistics & Trade Coordinator

As the newest member of our team, Marisa brings a fresh perspective on the world of coffee. With her contagious enthusiasm and drive, she makes sure to deliver high-quality coffees efficiently to your doorstep.

Fernando Seminario, Senior Trader

By far the kindest person you will meet in coffee. Fernando is a people’s person and helps you to succeed whatever coffee needs you have. He specializes in Peruvian coffees, and you can often find him traveling the highlands of Cajamarca.

Charlie Blasky, Quality Supervisor

Charlie leads our Quality department and the daily cupping panel. Besides being a Q Grader and Quality supervisor, he is specialized in food safety and can answer any question related to this pressing topic.

Let’s Discover Coffee Together.

Putting great coffee on the table requires teamwork. And not just one company performing well, but an entire supply chain. As your coffee importer in North America, we invite you to discover great coffee together. Please reach out and share your perspective and coffee needs with us. The conversation starts here!