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Program Schedule

Get to know the Trabocca team, taste a selection of our coffees, meet our guest roasters or close off the day with some drinks at our booth!

Thursday, 1:00 PM – Cupping – South America: Brazil, Colombia, and Peru

Join us for an enriching cupping session where we explore coffee regions of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. Known for importing Ethiopian coffees, Trabocca’s pursuit of great coffee has led us to discover and develop many long-standing supply chains throughout Latin America. This session showcases our commitment to sourcing exceptional coffees beyond Ethiopia.

Celebrating our Latin American Partnerships


Over the years, our relationships with producers in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru have grown, making these origins a significant part of our annual volume. As demand for these coffees increases, we continue to develop and strengthen our operations in these regions. This session highlights some of our key partnerships and the unique coffees they produce.

Featured Coffees

Fazenda Passeio: As one of the original pioneers of specialty coffee in Brazil, Adolfo Vieira is known for initiating the Cup of Excellence Competitions and as former president of the Brazilian Specialty Association. At Fazenda Passeio he produces state of art pulped natural and natural coffees that opened everyone’s eyes for high quality coffees from Brazil.
The Sitios of Sul de Minas: Together with Legender we source coffee from various Sitios throughout the Sul de Minas region. As Sitios are smaller than the typical Fazendas in Brazil, there is generally a greater focus on quality and more attention to detail.
Valle Verde: Sourced from the rural forests of the Amazonas region, Valle Verde is a cooperative of 483 smallholder farmers. Their focus is sustainable agriculture, that is based on respect for the enviroment and the people. While annually improving the quality of their coffees, Valle Verde is prioritizing youth and womens development through improved farm management, and diets, establishing model farms for effective food production practices.
Cencoic Cafe Feminio: Highlighting an impactful women coffee project in the Cauca region, the Cencoic Cooperative understands the peace movement of coffee. Coffee is considered one of the tools for peace in Cauca, and this cooperative produces high-quality lots while fostering community and stability.
Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the rich flavors and diversity of Latin American coffees. Join us at Booth CF-027 in Hall C for the “Trabocca Latin America – Brazil, Colombia, and Peru” cupping session and experience the exceptional quality and relationships that define our commitment to great coffee.

Thursday, 3:00 PM – Guest Roaster: Rocket Beans

In our pursuit of great coffee strong partnerships with roasters are fundamental. Therefore, we are thrilled to host the amazing team of Czech roaster Rocket Beans at our booth to present their coffees.

Friday, 11:00 AM – Cupping – East Africa: Kenya and Rwanda

Join us for a captivating cupping session where we showcase exceptional coffees of Kenya and Rwanda. While Trabocca is renowned for trading Ethiopian coffee, our passion for coffee’s diversity has driven us to explore new origins, taste profiles, people, and cultures along our way. This session highlights our strong partnerships across the highlands of East Africa.


Explore the Vibrant Diversity of East Africa


Through previous initiatives like The Kenyan Revolution or The Cookstove Project, we have demonstrated our commitment to developing strong partnerships and supply chains outside of Ethiopia. This session underscores our dedication to discovering and nurturing new coffee origins. Featuring our long-lasting connections with Rockbern, our esteemed supplier in Kenya, and Muraho, a relatively new yet remarkable partner in Rwanda.

Featured Coffees

Kenya, Rockbern: Together with Rockbern we import exceptional Kenyan coffees since . In collaboration with Rockbern we met multiple washing stations and their communities, building direct relationships to the farmers. Getting to know their daily challenges we decided to build initiatives like The Cookstove Project and The Kenyan Coffee Revolution to support Kenyan coffee producers.
Rwanda, Muraho: Only two years ago, we started working together with Muraho – an exporting company that is built on strong family values. The two founding brothers were the first ones to get an export license for natural and honey processed coffees in Rwanda. Since their beginning, the two were able to establish several washing stations around Lake Kivu, while investing into other Rwandan regions to expand their unique offers.
Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the vibrant and diverse world of East African coffee. Join us at Booth CF-027 in Hall C for the “East Africa: Kenya and Rwanda” cupping session and discover the flavors that define these remarkable coffee regions.

Friday, 1:00 PM – Cupping – Trabocca Signature Supply Chains: Ethiopia

Join us for a unique cupping experience that delves into the heart of our supply chains, a curation of our most traceable coffees from Ethiopia. This session celebrates our deep roots in Ethiopia, the alleged origin of coffee and the birthplace of Trabocca. Inspired by Ethiopia’s rich coffee culture, Menno Simons founded Trabocca and, just two years later, established our Ethiopian office. This gave us a unique vantage point to build close relationships with producers and secure the best picks of each harvest.

Explore Our Signature Collection


In the landscape of the Ethiopian coffee industry, it is common to buy coffees from washing stations where cherries from thousands of farmers are processed and classified together. However, our Signature Collection showcases a different approach. These coffees come uniquely from individual farms and are directly traceable to single farmers and their families.

Featured Coffees


  • Tesfaye Bekele (Suke Quto) and Haile Gebre (Shakisso, Mordocofe): Tesfaye and Haile are coffee pioneers in Ethiopia. Their efforts have helped to put Guji on the map as one of the most exciting regions for specialty coffee. Suke Quto and Moredocofe are still our some of our annual favorites, as we trade coffee with them for over 20 years now.
  • Tibebu Roba, Tessema Edima, and Daniel Alemayehu: These producers represent our efforts through initiatives like Operation Cherry Red and The Ethiopian Cup auction. With these projects we inspired farmers to produce outstanding coffee lots and reward them with premium prices. We met Tibebu, Tessema, and Daniel during these competitions and build strong relationships ever since.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant world of Ethiopian coffee. Join us at Booth CF-027 in Hall C for the “Trabocca Signature Supply Chains – Ethiopia” cupping session and discover the flavors that define our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Friday, 2:30 PM – Espresso Martini and Beer

Close off a busy day at WOC with some cold drinks at our booth!
We will be serving Espresso Martini on tap, beers, and some alcohol-free alternatives.

Saturday, 11:00 AM – Cupping – Ethiopia Regions

Join us for an immersive cupping session, where we delve into the rich and diverse coffee regions of Ethiopia. With over 20 years of experience in importing Ethiopian coffees, we have had the opportunity to taste and source the finest beans from across the country. Our office in Addis Ababa plays a crucial role in sourcing and delivering the best coffees from each harvest, and our origin trips have helped us build strong relationships with the top supply chains in Ethiopia.

Explore and compare Ethiopian Coffee Regions


Grab yourself one of our Ethiopia Coffee Regions Map and deepen your understanding of regional influences on taste profiles. Honoring the true flavors of Ethiopia, we will present five outstanding samples from different producing regions to showcase its diverse cup profiles. Explore and compare the different regions to discover your personal preferences.

Featured Coffees

Guji: The Area used to be known as a cattle-farming region, but due to key figures Guji developed into one of the best coffee producing regions in Ethiopia. Only 20 years after Guji is known and cherished for their unique flavor profile with silky smooth mouthfeel and high sweetness.
Limu: As one of the oldest coffee-growing regions globally, Limu is known for its traditional farming and processing techniques. The majority of its coffee gets processed using the fully washed method and known for its sweet lemon acidity upfront.
Yirgacheffe: Although it is a relatively small coffee zone, Yirgacheffe is worldwide recognized for its vibrant and complex taste profiles. Besides the bright washed Yirgacheffe coffees, you can find balanced fruity and winey naturals.
Sidamo: This is the largest coffee region in Ethiopia. In fact Sidamo is globally so well recognized, that many of the neighboring coffee areas are even classified as Sidamo coffee. Because of the broad diversity within the region coffees from here can taste very different.
West-Arsi: Upcoming and emerging region. Before coffees have been classified as neighboring Sidamo coffee, but the region was finally recognized as its own classification in 2017 by the Ethiopian government. We are especially impressed by natural coffees from West-Arsi.
Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the vibrant and diverse world of East African coffee. Join us at Booth CF-027 in Hall C for the “East Africa: Kenya and Rwanda” cupping session and discover the flavors that define these remarkable coffee regions.

Saturday, 2:30 PM – Espresso Martini and Beers

Close off the last day at WOC with some cold drinks at our booth!
We will be serving Espresso Martini on tap, beers, and some alcohol-free alternatives.

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Maria Porto, Trader

Roasters that trust us

We are thrilled to host guest roasters who bring their unique expertise and flavors to our booth. Visit us at any time and try exceptional beans from roasters who trust us, including Monmouth, Friedhats, Giraffe, and others. On Thursday afternoon, join us as Czech roaster Rocket Beans brews some delicious coffees at our booth.

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