The Ethiopian Cup result

The Ethiopian Cup

A three-hour bidding battle between coffee roasters spread out over the globe results in a beautiful outcome: USD 84.274 worth of premiums for the growers of The Ethiopian Cup! The prices paid for lots #13, #14, and #15 clearly show that the natural Yirgacheffe’s dominate this year’s ‘Cup’.

Lot #14 from the Gersi smallholders

The highest price was paid for a natural Yirgacheffe, Lot #14, from the Gersi smallholders that reside in the Aricha Kebele. BP Commerce (KR), Coffee Libre (KR), and Hisashi Yamamoto Coffee (JP) all paid $17.25 per pound for the coffee of the Gersi-community.

Lot #15 Idido smallholders

Second in line was another natural Yirgacheffe, lot #15 from the Idido smallholders. This lot was purchased by Friedhats coffee (NL) for $15.25, Stumptown Coffee Roasters (USA) for $16.10, and Ontheup International (TW) for $15.71 per pound.

We believe this is a great motivation and achievement for all farmers surrounding Adorsi Washing Station. We are happy to know that practicing proper red cherry picking can result in financial gains for our family, this will show other farmers that quality pays.

Mr. Tilahun Jeggo, Gersi smallholder

The premiums gained are evenly spread amongst all growers, as opposed to last year’s auction; where a few benefitted more heavily. This gives all participating growers the opportunity to reinvest in their farms and families.

Through The Ethiopian Cup, we aim to deliver Ethiopia’s finest micro-lots to coffee roasters worldwide while empowering the growers behind the cup with tangible incentives: higher prices for their coffees. View the auction results here.