Fair for Life

Fair for Life

Fair for Life is a certification based on Fair Trade, respectful relationships, fair work conditions and respecting the environment within and along the entire supply chain.

Fair for Life is an independent third-party certification. Their main aim is Fair Trade and responsible supply chains, working towards a fair share of the profits to the smallholders, benefiting people and their environment. Specific points of interest are:

  • Respect of human rights and fair working conditions
  • Respect of the ecosystem and promotion of biodiversity, sustainable agricultural practices
  • Respect and betterment of local impact

They confirm the traceability of all certified products from production to consumer.

Their commitments are:

  • Commit to fairness by orienting the business model to fair practices based on a fair pricing policy and a respectful dialogue with its suppliers.
  • Respect human rights and offer decent working conditions to improve the living conditions and well-being of workers and their families.
  • Respect the environment, biodiversity and climate by taking responsibility for one’s environmental impacts and progressively implementing sustainable agricultural practices encouraging conversion to organic farming.
  • Act for sustainable local development through collectively identifying challenges and creating development projects adapted to local contexts.
  • Strengthen sound business partnerships through a progressive approach with economic partnerships that improve the structure and durability of supply chains.
  • Provide producers and workers with democratic representation and collective bargaining capacity to develop their economic opportunities.
  • Enable informed purchase decisions through transparent communication which guarantees consumers physical traceability of certified ingredients.