Virtual Sourcing Trip

Virtual Sourcing Trip
Save the date: 11th of February 2021

What is the Virtual Sourcing Trip?

The Virtual Sourcing Trip is your new way to source great coffee from a distance. From the comfort of your home office, we invite you to cup and source top micro-lots and community blends from Colombia, and to make lasting connections with the farmers behind the cup.

The Virtual Sourcing Trip is an exclusive digital free ride. You don’t pay anything to receive 15 Colombian coffee samples on your doorstep, roasted and unroasted.

Why is this trip the future of coffee sourcing?

The global situation forces us to be creative as a community. The trip is our answer to continue relationships in origin in a responsible way. The Virtual Sourcing Trip brings you closest to origin today and pioneers the future of sourcing because you:


  • lower your carbon footprint – no planes, trains, trucks involved,
  • save travel costs and precious time,
  • still make a connection with growers and coops,
  • pre-select top coffees during flexible at-home cuppings,
  • and enjoy first pick before coffees move to spot.

When does the trip start?

The trip starts today. By saving the date and signing up you secure your free seat for the online event on Thursday the 11th of February 2021.

As you submit your details, we will reserve your free samples and make sure they arrive on your doorstep two weeks before the 11th.

Where is the sourcing trip heading, and what coffees can you expect?

The trip takes you to the heart of Antioquia, Colombia, to the Municipalities of Ituango, Amalfi, and Sonson. Ituango and Amalfi are emerging from decades of conflict, and both carry tremendous potential for specialty coffee production.

Antioquia offers you sweet and diverse flavor profiles, with scores varying from 83+ up to 87 pt. During the virtual trip, there is plenty of opportunities to discover the Antioquia Cooperative and the farmers behind the coffees. And there is time to discuss cupped coffees with your fellow travelers too.

“It’s perfect for people who want to share – not only the taste of coffee – but who want to share their experiences. Starting from buying the beans to the cup of coffee.”

Luca Carlino, Co-founder Symple and participant of the virtual trip to Cauca, August 2020

Who’s organizing the Virtual Sourcing Trip?

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), USAID, Coffee for Peace, and Trabocca bring you the Virtual Sourcing Trip. As Trabocca, we specialize in Ethiopian coffee, but with the help of the FNC and USAID we were able to source great coffees from Cauca. Today, the FNC and USAID pave the way to Antioquia so we can bring these quality coffees to your doorstep.


The Virtual Sourcing Trip is a direct trade model

The experience and structure of the FNC, USAID, Coffee for Peace, and Trabocca enable you to connect directly with coffee farmers and the Antioquia Cooperative. That is why the Virtual Sourcing Trip is based on the direct trade model: as organizers, we facilitate your sourcing efforts.


of supply-chain

  1. 1. Growers

    Coffee producers in Colombia do all the growing and processing on their farms. This means that the producers start their production by defining the variety they will harvest. After three/four years, producers can pick their first harvest. In most of the cases, as the producers are small (96% have farms smaller than 6 hectares), their workforce is the same family.
  2. 2. Antioquia Cooperative

    The Cooperativa de Antioquia sources coffee in 54 municipalities. They buy coffee and offer different services to the producers. When farmers deliver their coffee to the Coop, the Coop pays 100% of the value of coffee by doing the first quality physical analysis. After doing the physical analysis, the coffees go to the lab to be cupped. From the cuppings and the profile results, the coffees are separated in the warehouse to guarantee specific profiles. After this happens, the Coop delivers the coffee to the FNC, one of the exporters.
  3. 3. Craft Coffees (FNC)

    Craft Coffee is the specialty coffee division of the FNC. This division looks for specific and exotic coffees in all the regions of Colombia. Their main goal is to discover every region and farm in Colombia, being able to establish a long-lasting relationship with clients that value quality and that are willing to pay for excellent coffees.
  4. 4. Alma Cafe

    Almacafé is the logistics operator of the FNC. They do everything related to quality, milling, transports, packaging of the coffee. And they are the ones who have physical contact with the coffee. All the exceptional coffees are moved to the Soacha warehouse, where the temperature and humidity are perfect for coffee preservation.
  5. 5. FNC Export

    When the coffee is milled and packed the coffee is sent to the ports. In the ports, the coffee goes through quality control, weighing, and then the FNC delivers the bags to the shipping line. All the logistics in the port are done by the FNCs port team that controls the exports of coffee to all of our clients.
  6. 6. Trabocca

    Trabocca takes over the logistics, quality control, and delivery of the Antioquia coffees. We deliver your coffees prompt and safely to your doorstep so you can roast them on time.
  7. 7. You

    And finally, the Antioquia coffee arrives at your roasting facility's doorstep. Ready to be roasted and served.

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