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The cookstove project

When evening falls in Kenya, numerous families walk home to prepare dinner. They collect forest wood during their commute and use it to fuel the cooking fire within their homes. Smoke fills their houses when the first sticks hit the fire.

A silent killer

This may all seem like an innocent, even romantic, everyday situation. But indoor smoke is a major health threat for all off-grid households in developing countries.

It threatens the life expectancy of all family members in the room. You can call it a ‘silent killer’. But today, African Clean Energy is radically changing the lives, and fate, of many families in origin.

The life-changing cookstove

African Clean Energy, a company based in Lesotho, has designed a solution for all off-grid households: the ACE 1. A smart compact and light-weight cookstove that has the cleanest multi-fuel cooking functionality in the world. Families can literary use any available biomass to make dinner.

Even better, the ACE 1 minimizes smoke emissions in homes and reduces negative health effects. For the first time in their lives, families can enjoy a clean and smokeless cooking experience.

This is how the ACE 1 benefits families

A clean cooking experience only begins to tell about the positive impact that the ACE 1 has on the lives of people. The ACE 1 Cookstove also;


  • Uses 50-85% less fuel,
  • Has the cleanest multi-fuel cooking functionality,
  • Minimizes smoke emissions in homes and reduces negative health effects
  • Enables families to use crop residue, animal waste, small sticks to cook,
  • Let’s families use pure solar energy to power the stove,
  • Comes with a LED lamp to create a safe cooking environment,
  • And recharges mobile phones with clean solar energy.

The impact of the ACE 1 on daily life

African Clean Energy has started to distribute the ACE 1 throughout Africa, and with remarkable results:


  • 95% of customers interviewed have stopped buying paraffin.
  • 63% of customers interviewed now exclusively use clean energy.
  • 83% average savings on energy expenses.
  • 59% of customers interviewed say they no longer need to spend money on energy.

Cooking with the ACE 1 is very fast. One time, I came home late but was not worried at all because I knew I could prepare supper in a short amount of time. I use the ACE 1 to cook supper and breakfast. The stove is smoke-free and can be used in every place, even in the sitting room.

Susan Wanjiru Thitu

$35,640 donated with the help of coffee roasters

We have partnered up with African Clean Energy because we want to enable 350 Ndaroini growers to cook their meals in a healthy and safe environment. Between December 2019 and December 2020, coffee roasters around the world donated an astounding total of $35,640, which overachieved our initial goal of $34,650. Because of these funds, we can ship and distribute all the ACE-1 cookstoves over the 350 Ndaroini families. The stoves are set to arrive in January 2021.

We proudly present the coffee roasters who donated cookstoves:

  • Allegro Coffee
  • Black & Bloom
  • Benson Coffee
  • Bocca Coffee
  • Cafe Moto
  • Cafes El Magnifico
  • Campbell & Syme
  • Coffee Hound
  • Coffee Lab
  • Coffee Libre
  • Espresso Lab Microroasters
  • Eugene Phua and the Phua family
  • Florian Steiner
  • Friedhats
  • Laika Roasters
  • Monmouth Coffee
  • Monte Cristo Coffee
  • Nylon Coffee
  • Speckled Ax
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • True Coffee Roasters