Suke Quto School Project

Suko Quto
School Project

Community development through education

Suke Quto is a progressive and large coffee growing farm where many of the inhabitants of Kumure and Suke villages work. The livelihoods of many people who work here rely on coffee production, therefore the future of this wonderful coffee lies with them. This is why we have set up the Suke Quto School Project with together with Tesfaye Bekele, founder of the Suke Quto farm. The goal is to build fully equipped schools for the children of the Kurume and Suke villages.

Education in Ethiopia

The Suke Quto farm is located in Oromia Region, one of the largest coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia. It is an optimal coffee growing area, producing very floral coffee with a true Guji flavor.

However, rapid population growth has led to low incomes for the farmers. This low salary combined with the great distance between schools in the region has made it impossible for many children to attend school.

The community constructed their own school, but funds were soon exhausted, and the building and sanitation were in bad shape. They sat on the floor, learning in extremely dusty classrooms during the dry season and very muddy ones during the rainy season. This became the starting point of the Suke Quto School Project.