In pursuit of living incomes

In pursuit of
living incomes

Can coffee farmers earn a living income?

This question is a thorn in the eye of the entire coffee community. Because we often don’t know if this is the case. And with the rise of the coffee price crisis, it’s even more difficult to give consumers a clear answer if farmers indeed earn living incomes.

As a coffee importer, we face the same industry challenges. We are asking ourselves, ‘can the people who produce our coffee make a decent living?’. We have taken a small step in uncovering the answers to this question by teaming up with Fairfood.

Collecting data to
offer you full traceability

Fairfood is an NGO that strives to make supply chains sustainable for the people that produce our food. They developed an online platform called ‘Trace’ that enables us to give you full traceability on a batch of coffee; from the out-growers backyard to your roastery.

For five months, we collected data from 278 Suke Quto out-growers. This data will show you what goes into the farmer’s pocket. Scary and confronting, we know. But also necessary if we want to improve the lives of growers. Making coffee better starts with making supply chains transparent.

Ready to discover what we found? Explore the Suke Quto supply chain today.

Learn more about the project and meet the out-growers

Here you can learn why we started the living income project. We also highlight two producers with remarkable stories: Tari Oda and Tesfaye Sorsa.