Q: Why do some roasters
walk away with the best?
A: They pre-book ahead of the season.

Pre-booking is the key to top-quality coffees

When you pre-book Ethiopian coffee, you get the best from Ethiopia.

Why? Because instead of choosing from several spot coffees in April next year, you’ll see the entire range of coffees we source from sixty different farms, washing stations, and cooperatives today. And this gives you a head start while navigating new and classic Ethiopian coffees that make the difference for your menu.

Why pre-book Ethiopian coffees?

Because when you pre-book coffee ahead of the season, you’ll:

  • be the first to see all coffees we source,
  • enjoy first choice and have a better chance to roast specific coffees exclusively,
  • be able to ship smaller quantities (because it’s early in the season), rather than full containers,
  • and get fitting volume discounts.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Adam Matheson from Campos Coffee has to say about pre-booking.

Ethiopia is a key component of our main blend, Superior, so it’s important we have a stable and steady supply to ensure the blend stays consistent throughout the year. The distinct Ethiopian characteristics of fruits and florals are key to the flavour profile of Superior, and without them, it simply wouldn’t be as special as it is.

Pre-booking also ensures we have the best chance to secure the high-quality coffees we are after. By cupping samples as they become available at the start of the season, we have better access to the best coffees on offer each year, rather than relying on what is leftover later in the year when we would be looking to buy spot.

Adam Matheson, Chief Coffee Officer at Campos Coffee

How to pre-book?

Pre-booking is an open, explorative conversation, and it starts with a simple message from your side. Please specify the types of coffees (washed, natural, honey, anaerobic, and grades) plus the volumes you’re looking for in the message box underneath, and we’ll start the conversation.

Sweet and sharp-priced Ethiopian coffees are one message away. Reach out today!