The Kenyan
coffee revolution

The people of Ndaroini Coffee Ltd. have launched the Kenyan coffee revolution. During the course of several months, they expressed their frustration with the current system and were eager to change their course when we revealed our intentions of setting up a new supply chain. Together with Ndaroini Coffee Ltd. we started a new movement that seeks to award the hardest working people in the industry: the smallholders.

Highest prices paid within
the Kenyan coffee market

Instead of paying 55 Kenyan shilling per kilo cherries – as reported by the Daily Nation as an industry standard, we pay Ksh 100 per kg cherries and an additional 21 to the factory for quality improvements.

The payment has been made in February, giving smallholders the opportunity to invest in their plots before the harvest starts again in October. Ruth Njeri Mitham, one of the members of Ndaroini, explains how higher prices per kg of cherries and on time payments impact her life.

The Kenyan coffee revolution

To give you more context of the situation and the new Ndaroini movement, we have created a full report that covers the most important topics, such as;


  • the main problems within the Kenyan market,
  • the current structure, the root causes,
  • and how the Ndaroini are changing the course of Kenyan specialty coffee.

Download the Kenyan coffee revolution report here