Team Amsterdam

Anita Tool

Logistics Coordinator

‘My preference goes out to the washed Ethiopian coffees which have a softer flavor. Within the team, it’s motivating to see how everyone is focused on great coffee. Whereas for my role in logistics, for me it’s about mirroring the quality of the service to the quality of the coffee.’

Boaz Bosboom

Senior Trader

‘My best coffee experience was the adventurous sourcing trip we made to Ethiopia. We had to go from jeep to motorbike to walking over small muddy roads to discover a new coffee farm. At Trabocca, I work with clients to find out their needs and match them with the right coffee.’

Cerianne Bury

Quality Systems Supervisor

‘With my background as a barista trainer, I always knew that specialty coffee runs through a lot of hands and that for quality in the cup all of them have their role to play. But this was not really real until my first origin trip to Ethiopia, where I got to see and experience the multitude of people doing their best to make a special cup of coffee. As Quality Supervisor I evaluate Trabocca’s coffees, from offer sample to arrival, this to ensure that the customer gets the coffee they want.‘

Ivo Henstra

Senior Logistics Coordinator

‘It’s a pleasure to get to enjoy some of the best coffees in the world every day at the office. With years of experience in logistics and the international coffee business, I can anticipate the priorities of the client and what the necessary steps are to move coffee around the world.’

Menno Simons

Founder and General Manager

‘While roasting my coffee in a pan back in the day, I first experienced the changes in smell and color which resulted in a fresh coffee. I was amazed! Most important to me is my passion to explore, create and improve the supply chain, while sharing our experience and knowledge.'

Robert-Jan Zwart

Marketing Coordinator

‘My most memorable coffee moment was driving in Peru in a blue land cruiser called The Blue Beast, through the pine forest and towards the sunset while drinking an outstanding Ethiopian coffee in to-go mugs. My role here is to deliver the story of the coffee, making sure it stays intact as it travels through the supply chain.’

Sabine Kuiper

Project Coordinator

‘My favourite coffee memory is my first origin trip to Ethiopia, meeting the suppliers and visiting the communities. My role at Trabocca is to co-ordinate the projects which result in new products, take care of certification and co-ordinate social projects.’

Sander Reuderink

Commercial Director

‘While visiting the farm of my in-laws in Jamaica, I fell in love with the endless beauty and complexity of coffee and decided to dedicate the rest of my professional life to coffee. I love finding and improving great coffees together with our customers, as well as helping the teams at Trabocca employ their talents in a way that benefits the entire supply chain.’

Wendy Baltus

Logistics Supervisor

‘I will never forget the first time I drank a Geisha Panama coffee from the Chemex: so clean and pure. My focus here is to try and to see things from a client’s perspective. I always make sure we are on the same page and advise the best option available.'

Wim van Kooten

Senior Trader and New Business Developer

‘It was a proud moment for me to see Haile Gebre, the first farmer I worked with, develop as a key preferred supplier of various sustainable specialty coffee chains. At Trabocca, I always like to hear a Key Buyer explain what makes them tick, what makes them smile and what makes them sad. This way I get the satisfaction of finding tailor-made solutions.'

Matthew Harrison

Buyer/Sourcing Specialist

'I’ve been fortunate to experience many great coffee moments during my career in coffee, however, one which really stands out for me is when I was able to share a cup of coffee with a farmer in Tanzania who had been growing coffee for over 25 years and had never tried his own coffee before. At Trabocca I am responsible for sourcing coffee from Ethiopia. I bring knowledge and experience of working for an exporter in East Africa to manage and maintain the relationship between our suppliers and meet the needs and requirements of Trabocca and our customers.'

Stijn van Mourik

Quality Coordinator

'The saturated sweetness of a Villa Rican yellow Caturra straight from the berry; it struck me how complex the world of coffee could be; from the silky honeyed fruit that I was tasting to the textured crema it would make on an espresso. I wanted to be a part of that and landed in a place where I can contribute to the quality of a great product'

Merel Smit

Sales Operations Coordinator

'Ten years ago, I discovered the chemistry between espresso and me. I was instantly sold while standing behind an espresso machine for the first time. The aromas, the taste, and the art to surprise people with beautiful coffee and latte art.'

Salvatore Russo

Senior Trader

'My most memorable coffee experience happened totally by coincidence when I stayed in a plantation which doubled as a hostel in Colombia. On a tour, we picked coffee and roasted some in a pan; Ethiopian style. I was hooked in a new way. Three months later I quit my city job and moved country to work with coffee. Equally memorable was my first visit to Ndaroini with Menno. 400 farmers turned up out of nowhere to greet us, some had driven all the way across the country, incredible. At Trabocca, I aim to share this passion with whoever will listen.'