Team Americas

Charlie Blasky

Quality Supervisor

‘My favorite coffee memory isn’t a single instance, it’s my “journey through coffee”. Creating value within Trabocca comes from that journey. Quality is a moving target, why would I stand still?’

Fernando Seminario

Senior Trader

'When I tried a perfect, washed, Yirgacheffe for the first time, I realized that coffee could taste, among many other things, like fruit. Within the coffee industry, we work with a supply chain which is very complex and culturally diverse so we need to be creative and resourceful every day.'

Greg Graves

Logistics Supervisor

‘It was when I had a Kenyan coffee that was juicy and balanced with a unique hint of cinnamon, that I realized just how varied and delicious specialty coffee could be. My primary goal is to bring a true sense of transparency, accuracy, flexibility, and speed to any and all logistics, inventory, and operations-related needs.’

Sean Capistrant

Senior Trader

‘My favorite coffee memory is cupping a large amount of low-grade, commercial brands of coffee and realizing that I had made the right choice to be in specialty. I strongly feel that we have one of the finest teams in the industry. Without them, I would not be able to serve our customers.’

Tim Chapdelaine

General Manager

‘My first great cup of coffee was a delicious Sumatra made near a driftwood fire watching seals on the coast of California. I find that appreciation for a job well done from a client is the greatest thanks and makes honest, trust-based business easy.‘

Marisa White

Logistics and Trade Coordinator

'My favorite coffee memory was on my first origin trip to Brazil.  The part I enjoyed the most was the memorable connections we made with the farmers and their families while tasting the coffees they produced. It was also fascinating to see the coffee harvest taking place in the mountains. My goal in logistics is to connect the roasters with the high-quality coffees they need efficiently while developing relationships to better meet their needs.'