New: Washed Yirgacheffe-1
from Naga Singage

As a coffee trader, we listen intently to our customers. Every coffee roaster has a different need, a profile that suits them, a purpose for a specific batch. We focus on these needs and try to ignore being too biased about a single coffee that we like ourselves.

However, sometimes our favoritism gets the best of us. This happens when a coffee sweeps us off our feet. This is hard to do, considering the fact that we cup so many outstanding coffees daily. Yet, the washed Yirgacheffe-1 from Naga Singage has done it.

88.5-scoring Washed Yirgacheffe-1
from Naga Singage

At our Minneapolis-based office, we seem to agree that the Naga Singage is one of a kind. One of our favorite coffees of season 2018/2019. The Naga is a very clean washed floral coffee with notes of vanilla, honey, tart, and a complex citrus profile. A bright intense acidity resonates in the cup and the thin mouthfeel is pleasant.

It recently arrived at Continental Terminals (USA). So, when interested, head over to MyTrabocca and search for PBO190141-01. Free samples are available.

The mountain of reconciliation:
Naga Singage

The names of the coffees we offer are often based on ethnicities, communities, kebele’s, villages, rivers, and mountains. It gives a unique identity, and traceability, to the coffee. Same applies to the Naga Singage coffee.

Within the Yirgacheffe woreda (Gedeo), you find the Gersi kebele. A small area with dirt roads that twirl around the Naga Sinage mountain. The mountain is a place where reconciliation ceremonies, called “Songo”, are performed.

The Songo ritual

Historically, the community would climb the Naga Singage mountain to seek consult and resolve through the Gedeo elders. The elders would discuss the disputes and find solutions for the problems of the community. After their verdict, one was inclined to accept the resolution of the elders.

The Gedeo people believe that the blessing of elders is needed to succeed in life. Besides blessings, the elders have authority to curse; with bad luck as a result. In Gedeo, there are around 500 traditional spots where the Songo rituals take place.

The Aricha washing station

The Gersi smallholders harvest the Naga Singage coffee between October and January. While picking, they have a clear view of the ‘mountain of reconciliation’. Once picked and collected, the Gersi deliver cherries to the Aricha washing station, found in the neighboring kebele, Aricha.

Aricha washing station has recently been revived after twenty years of being inactive. Within the first season of operation, we witness the full potential of Aricha. Evidence can be found in coffees like auction lots, Reko Onancho, and of course, Naga Singage.

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