Kenyan smallholders demand higher prices and announce new transparent supply chain

We do not have to explain the value of Kenyan coffee to you: the quality and illustrious cup attributes speak for itself. But we do need to inform you that it has been a challenge to find the outstanding coffee quality that is evident for Kenya and in particular the area of Nyeri.

Kenyan quality is scarce, and the overall volume has plummeted within 30 years time: from 127,000 MT (in 1987/88) to less than 45,000 MT, harvested in recent years. These two developments are alarming and made us decide to visit and connect directly with the producers of Kenya.

Kenyan smallholders
demand higher prices

During three explorative visits, we met the people of the Nyeri-based Ndaroini washing station (which is part of the Gikanda Cooperative Society Ltd.).

They stressed two issues that form the root of the problem: low and late payments towards smallholders, as well as low yields per tree, due to a lack of funds and knowledge.

Vicious circle of debt

In general, smallholders receive 90% of their payment between May and July – six months after they have submitted their yields. But before the last payment is made, roughly 20% of the smallholder’s net income is deducted by Cooperatives to cover finance and storage costs.

On top of that, smallholder families must pay school fees in January – which often are the highest costs a family makes a year – and are therefore forced to take loans. Resulting in a vicious circle of debt.

New transparent supply chain

Through the bold standoff of smallholders in Nyeri, reported by the Kenyan news outlet The Daily Nation, the Ndaroini washing station has taken the first step to change the lives of their members.

In conjunction with Ndaroini;

  • Trabocca will purchase the entire production,
  • pay the smallholders Sh100 (Shilling) per kilogram (with fewer deductions because the sale is direct),
  • and pay an additional Sh21 to Ndaroini to improve their factory.

Next week, Ndaroini washing station will sign the official contract with Trabocca
and change the Kenyan coffee market as we now know it.

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