Help The Suke Kids
By Donating Today

The Suke kids come together in dark, dusty, and mud-walled classrooms. The rooms are too small, so kids have to study in shifts. And excuse our words, but the toilets are a mess. That is why the 13 teachers and the 950 Suke kids are thrilled to receive your donation.

This is what your
donation will do:

    • The construction and completion of two new school blocks with concrete floors and large classrooms.


  • And, a new set of toilets on the school premise.

*This is what the new classrooms will look like!

Donate $75 or more and
we will send you a gift

Donations start at $25. But, if you decide to donate $75 or more, we will send you a set of gifts out of appreciation;

  • stainless steel engraved Trabocca cupping spoon,
  • pocket-sized moleskin,
  • and a tote bag with a beautiful design that honors the school project.

We’ve done it!

Wow, we’ve hit our goal: $10.190 was donated to the Suke school! This means that the Suke kids will enter a new school building this year thanks to you and other generous coffee roasters. A huge shoutout and thanks to you on behalf of the Suke kids!

Want more information about

the Suke kids and the school project? Learn more here.

Tesfaye Bekele from the Suke Quto Farm was shocked when visiting the Kurume school. Kids sat on the floor, learning in extremely dusty classrooms during the dry season and very muddy ones during the rainy season.

Things had to change. Tesfaye talked to Trabocca’s founder Menno and decided to do something about this. The Suke Quto School Project took off in 2015 with the support of coffee roasters. Learn more about the project.