Help The Guji Kids

Changing communities in origin does not go overnight. It takes years and months before you see the impact. But the Suke Quto school project, which started in 2015, is proof that long-term commitment towards communities pays off.

The Kumure and Suke schools

After successfully building the Kurume school, and with the Suke school still in progress, we are staying active in the community. Because although kids have a roof above their heads and sit in clean classrooms, they need the materials to kick-start their learning careers.

And we need your help to supply the materials and equipment. Ready to help them out?

What the Guji kids need

Both the kids of the Kumure and Suke schools need desks, books, shelves, and blackboards. The teachers deserve basic desks and chairs as well, and at the Suke school, there is a dire need for a water pump to refresh the kids during breaks.

Here’s how you can help the Guji kids

We’ve made a list of needed materials and equipment. Please choose the minimum donation amount of $49,95 or select the ‘Give a Custom Amount’. Every dollar of your donation will support the Guji kids in the short run, and it will widen their career opportunities as they grow up.

  • School books: $49,95 per set of books (57 sets needed)
  • Desks: $56,98 per piece (300 desks needed)
  • Blackboards: $142,47 per blackboard (5 blackboards needed)
  • Bookshelves: $142,47 per shelve (5 bookshelves needed)
  • Tables and chairs for teachers: $142,47 per teacher (5 table/chair combinations needed)
  • Water pump at Suke school: $2849 in total.


Help The Guji Kids: Donate Essential School Materials

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Coffee Roasters Who Donated

With the help of these coffee roasters, we built a school at the Kumure village. Another school at the Suke village is being built as we speak, with the help of their donations.


  • 1000 Faces Coffee
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • Campos Coffee
  • Coffee Graffiti
  • Allegro Coffee
  • Bocca
  • Espressolab Microroasters
  • Gringonordic
  • Holy Bean
  • Laika Coffee Roasters
  • Mokkamestarit
  • Coffee Lab
  • True Coffee Roasters
  • Coffee Libre
  • Florain Steiner
  • Jember Coffee
  • Moving Coffee
  • Simon Levelt
  • Tinyfootprint Coffee
  • Beanstock Coffee
  • Chain Collaborative
  • Espressolab
  • Beans Coffee
  • Helen Coffee
  • Impuls Kaffeemanufaktur Kiel
  • Jeumeu Roastery

Want more information about the Guji kids and the school project? Learn more here.

Tesfaye Bekele from the Suke Quto Farm was shocked when visiting the Kurume school. The Guji kids sat on the floor, learning in extremely dusty classrooms during the dry season and very muddy ones during the rainy season.

Things had to change. Tesfaye talked to Trabocca’s founder Menno and decided to do something about this. The Suke Quto School Project took off in 2015 with the support of coffee roasters. Learn more about the project.