Field Guide to
Ethiopian Coffee Sourcing

Helping coffee roasters
to develop their buying programmes

With the new Ethiopian coffee harvest in full-swing, we constructed a Field Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Sourcing, to help you develop your buying programmes in this fascinating origin.

With a complex web of producers, washing stations, cooperatives and the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, Ethiopia is one of the most complex origins to source coffee from. Being the motherland of all Arabica coffee, the country also offers the most diverse, outspoken and brilliant flavour profiles.

Earlier this year, the Ethiopian Government announced that they would allow producers to sell their coffee directly to the international markets, eliminating the compulsory auction at the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), which was established in 2008 and limited traceability of specialty coffee.

The Field Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Sourcing gives you a transparent and comprehensive perspective on the structure of the Ethiopian coffee market. Download, and discover.