How does Trabocca’s Quality department roast samples?

We roast all our samples on Probat Sample Roasters with two or four drums. Our Q Graders and Assistants follow a strict protocol for roasting coffee samples. Want to more how they do it? Read more here and download our sample roasting protocol.

Where does Trabocca store coffee?

We store our coffees in 15 warehouses spread out over the globe. Login to MyTrabocca to see the nearest warehouse location near you.

What quality protocol does Trabocca use?

Our cupping protocol is built on the SCA cupping standard and cupping form. The SCA form is the specialty coffee industry standard, making it easy to communicate with both roasters and producers. The same applies to green grading. Want to learn more about the SCA coffee standards and our quality protocol? Read more here.

How many times does Trabocca’s Quality department cup a specific coffee?

In general, we cup a specific coffee up to four times. Type, stock, pre-shipment, and spot samples all find their way to our quality labs in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Minneapolis (the United States). Besides the ‘regular’ samples, we also re-cup spot samples to check any quality drops.

Who cups the Trabocca coffees?

We have a team of Q graders and Quality assistants spread out over three offices; Ababa (Ethiopia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Minneapolis (the United States). It is their daily job to cup and evaluate every coffee that we source, buy, and deliver to you. Want to see who is on the Quality team? Visit our team page.